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5 June 2001: See expose of DIRT as a scam by Thomas Greene in The Register: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/19480.html

2 June 2001. Thanks to Anonymous.
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See description of 1998 DIRT demonstration: http://jya.com/DIRT-spy.htm

Cryptome welcomes information about this criminal program being used on a target, in particular evidence of tampering with a computer, planting tags in documents, keystroke sniffing, firewall trashing or other privacy violations. And, if successful, how to discover and block these outlaw perps. Send to: jya@pipeline.com. PGP key at Cryptome home page. Anonymity, yes.

See related warning of criminal law enforcement, justice system and intelligence services: http://cryptome.org/dirty-secrets.htm

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Codex Data Systems

The Computer Surveillance Experts


Your undercover online investigator makes contact with a suspected pedophile in a chat room

Suspect sends illegal image (s)

You now have probable cause

You want to remotely monitor suspect and seize additional evidence from his computer

What do you use?


A suspected terrorist uses computer technology to communicate with his cell members

His primary communications medium is e-mail

You want to remotely monitor and seize all correspondence to and from his computer

What do you use?


You want to set a "Sting Operation" and remotely monitor several suspects simultaneously

A single investigator will monitor them from the field

You need to monitor their computer communications in real time

What do you use?


Your investigation has determined that your suspects are using strong encryption to protect themselves

You need to "crack" encrypted and/or password protected e-mail and stored files

You don't have the time or money for a "Brute Force attack

What do you use?


You suspect an employee(s) is leaking confidential informationn to an un-authorized individual(s)

You need to monitor their computer activity in real time

They work from a remote field office in another city

What do you use?


Your investigation has developed and you're now setting a "Sting" to trade "Images" and/or "Warez" with several individuals in several geographic areas

You want to remotely monitor the suspects' computer activity, develop additional intelligence and safeguard digital evidence BEFORE seizing suspect and his/her computer

What do you use?


You have made a computer related arrest and the presiding judge has ordered pre-trial services to monitor all activity on the defendant's computer

You have several defendants awaiting adjudication in several geographic areas

You want to monitor them all remotely

What do you use?


You've developed evidence of criminai wrongdoing involving a computer and you fear "destruction of digital evidence" prior to physical entry

You want to execute an "Electronic No-Knock Search Warrant" by stealth via the Internet to allow surreptitious remote seizure of digital evidence

What do you use?


Data Interception by Remote Transmission

Imagine being able to remotely monitor any PC in the world anytime you want...

No more secrets...

Suppose you could read every keystroke...

Access and retrieve any file from the hard drive without having physical access...

No more secrets...

D.I.R.T.TM was designed to allow remote monitoring of a target PC by military, government and law enforcement agencies.

Today's criminals have gone high-tech. They use digital weapons to facilitate their actions.

21st century anti-crime tools must embrace cutting edge & emerging technologies.

Get the D.I.R.T.TM on computer crime.

Child Porn Cases
Drug Trafficking
Intelligence Gathering
Money Laundering
Information Warfare
Organized Crime
Bypass Encryption

D.I.R.T.TM is a revolutionary surveillance software product created by Codex Data Systems, Inc.

It is the only product of its type in the world

D.I.R.T.TM is user friendly and can be operated by investigators with minimal computer skills...

Case can be shared by multiple investigators working on the same case...

Multiple cases can tracked simultaneously

Easy to use Windows format...

Minimal skills requried...

Simple to use even by the "technically challenged"

What exactly is D.I.R.T.TM?

D.I.R.T.TM is a software program that operates on any PC with a Windows operating system.

Base functionality includes a specialized application with surreptitious keystroke logging capabilities and stealth transmission of captured data to a pre-determined internet address monitored and decoded by the D.I.R.T.TM Control Center software.

Physical access to the target PC is NOT necessary...

You can even monitor D.I.R.T.TM from the safety and security of a listening post half-way around the world.

How does it work?

D.I.R.T.TM is similar to an eavesdropping device.

Instead of placing hardware inside the target computer via physical access, investigators electronically place hidden software via the Internet from any listening post in the world.

D.I.R.T.TM Control Center software can electronically monitor multiple cases simultaneously.

D.I.R.T.TM software is completely transparent to the target and cannot be detected by current anti-virus software.

What can D.I.R.T.TM acquire for me?

D.I.R.T.TM features:

D.I.R.T.TM can also act as aln '"Electronic Search Warrant"...

D.I.R.T.TM enables investigators to remotely and surreptitiously seize evidence before a suspect has any idea that he or she is under investigation.

Many computer literate criminals "booby trap" their computers to erase evidence in case of seizure.

D.I.R.T.TM ensures critical evidence can be preserved prior to physically entering the suspect's premises.

D.I.R.T.TM allows investigators to crack and read encrypted messages in minutes...

Intercepted message from suspected terrorist encrypted with PGP:

Version PGP for Personal Privacy 5.0 nvDjIExVUuLIypXctnwZtSdEQ7MykRCK3vMPHmtLgtcRrgAz4lNe Ka4pvfmhqXdi8ZmLREzNKIZZxWlphDFHVq4jHfNR4W2kYVegGUQf5 7vg29uaM39jVRdyynzwxxg3Lcyk3zczn4OTIMh2nRPqOMEFNtKOuQgt tzSZqgcVYM5FflimyhSlPnmBH41SHbzZOzxUgykDzXhPaE40elz9dlh rSMEZFycJArxeTc2boNBrU Dm32DRYkPS9amMlGI]ndRSVOR+JyA URxNDWbx7WXnrvOOvA8oRazOoH7m8e3RbgB+6QqEvXvqjbHWkOV dgCuwOpKiGQcZmidAcXcMIpPEKxDRIQNsOYJnHa5HnLbbqKB92cf 7r6q3ThbOwEeyqqNDiwL7EXV9TIhd6SKewDqiMQOoVtkSE9DIxiQeO y3RPhIHSCqBLjt6r3sEkU6OoR7Y/8uuowPuapoTDGd87bW8WvAo2uj dYYj/kel9GoPxZ9RmOwEQdqRoXCqeXtPplIU+wrHGsI6yoLPD8p4ufG CzR1N ----- END PGP MESSAGE -----

Contents of cracked PGP message...

"Our target is the federal building in Washington, D.C.

We will meet you to implement our plan at 1900 hrs On Friday night in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Viva the revolution!"

Translation: Anti-terrorist investigators foil a terrorist attack... and save countless lives...

Sending hidden code to the target PC is simple using the D.I.R.T.TM "Bug Generator"

Investigators need not have special computer code writing skills

Just point and click

Case management is simple with the D.I.R.T.TM Target, Manager...

Files sent to target need not be .exe files

Fingertip control! each case receives its own unique coded ID.

D.I.R.T.TM can be installed inside Word documents...

D.I.R.T.TM can be installed Excel Documents...

D.I.R.T.TM can be installed inside Powerpoint Presentations...

P.S. Don't worry... Nothing inside this one :-)

D.I.R.T.TM can also be installed inside...

What about Firewalls?

We have taken intelligence gathering to a new level with the introduction of AntiSecTM

[Firewall icons shown:]

eTrust Intrusion Detection.ico

Release Date - 2nd Quarter 2001 as FREE upgrade

D.I.R.T.TM Target Index makes case review simple with hyperlinks

D.I.R.T.TM logs all target activity

Sale and use of D.I.R.T.TM software is strictly controlled by U.S. Code

Further information and demonstrations are available only to authorized military, governmental and law enforcement agencies upon receipt of your agency letterhead signed by an authorized official.

Proven Effectiveness by Agencies Worldwide!

D.I.R.T.TM is available in 25, 100 & 250 case capacity. Unlimited version and site licenses are available.

D.I.R.T.TM minimum system requirements:

Purchase by authorized agencies includes free updates for one year after date of initial purchase.

Other products available exclusively from Codex Data Systems Inc.


Creates "Trackable" Electronic Documents

Identify and Locate Computer Intruders Regardless of Spoofed IP address or Attack Routed through Multiple Locations

Track "Leaked" Documents to the Source. Identify ALL Unauthorized Access to your Protected Documents

PC PhoneHomeTM

Track, Locate & Retrieve Stolen or Lost Laptop & PCs

Theft Protection & Recovery Software

Allows for Quick Location And Retrieval of Lost or Stolen Computers

Prevents Loss of Expensive Hardware and Invaluable Intellectual Property


Monitors computer usage in the home or office and insures computer usage policy compliance

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