26 July 2004

James Atkinson writes 26 Jul 2004 15:51:07 -0400:

Yahoo has just restored access to the TSCM-L  list. They are refusing to tell me why they muzzled it in the first place, but given that Yahoo has been all over my website today I suspect they realized that the governments attempt to muzzle me backfired.

25 July 2004






James Atkinson, Granite Island Group, writes today:

In an attempt to muzzle me about the massive security problems I found at the DNC convention site, the government has pressured Yahoo to shutdown my TSCM-L security mailing list, and has had them delete my archive of thousands of messages which is read daily by over 1000 subscribers.

The List has been on Yahoo for six years,  is over ten years old, and there was no warning of any sort given before they did this.

Subscribers to the list are not being allowed to post, and as the list moderator I have been locked out from approving messages, posting messages, or communicating in any way with the list membership.

The list mission and charter can be found at:


Curiously, the list or group itself still exists, it's just that  I, the moderators, and the other list members have been muzzled.

I have repeatedly contacted Yahoo on this matter, and have not yet obtained a response in any form from them.

It looks like the government is trying to muzzle me...

Welcome to John Ashcroft's and Tom Ridge's vision of America.

Cryptome has been a subscriber to TSCM-L since December 2001. We confirm that the list archives are no longer accessible and posts are not being accepted.

A member attempt today to post produces this message:

The list TSCM-L is temporarily unavailable

A member request today for the files produces this message:

File access is currently unavailable. Please try again later

Shame on Yahoo for caving: if a subpoena/court order was served to ga TSCM-L, admit it publicly. Or, Yahoo staff: snarf a copy and send the gag to Cryptome for publication.

E-mail: jya@pipeline.com

Fax: 212-787-6102

Snail, Fedex, by hand:

John Young
251 West 89th Street
New York, NY 10024


Description Category: Security

TSCM-L Technical Security Mailing List - Dedicated to TSCM specialists engaging in expert technical and analytical research for the detection, nullification, and isolation of eavesdropping devices, wiretaps, bugging devices, technical surveillance penetrations, technical surveillance hazards, and physical security weaknesses. This also includes bug detection, bug sweep, and wiretap detection services.

Special emphasis is given to detecting and countering espionage and other threats and activities directed by foreign intelligence services against the United States Government, United States corporations, establishments, and citizens.

The list includes technical discussion regarding the design and construction of SCIF facilities, Black Chambers, and Screen Rooms. This list is also for discussing DIAM 50-3, NSA-65, and DCID 1/21, 1/22 compliance.

The primary goal and mission of this list is to "raise the bar" and increase the level of professionalism present within the TSCM business.

The secondary goal of this list is and increase the quality and effectiveness of our efforts so that we give spies and eavesdroppers no quarter, and to neutralize all of their espionage efforts.

This mailing list is moderated by James M. Atkinson and sponsored by Granite Island Group as a public service to the TSCM, Counter Intelligence, and technical security community.

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