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17 June 2009


By Michael Ravnitzky, mikerav[at]

The following DoD Directives and Instructions, among others, are identified at the DoD website. You can request copies of any of these documents from:

Office of Freedom of Information
1155 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1155

By Fax: 703-696-4506

By Electronic link:


Administrative Instruction (AI) 30, Security for the Pentagon Reservation,

June 5, 2002, FOUO

Directive Type Memoranda DTM 08-050, Defense Cover Program (DCP) Guidance,

March 31, 2009, SECRET/NOFORN.

DoD Directive C-3222.5, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Management

Program for SIGINT Sites, April 22, 1987, CONFIDENTIAL

DoD Directive C-3325.01E, Foreign Materiel Program, October 10, 2006,


DoD Directive C-3325.05, Classified Title, February 25, 2000, CONFIDENTIAL

DoD Directive C-4515.9, Use of Defense Attache System Aircraft, May 25,


DoD Directive C-5030.43, Significant Military Exercises, March 26, 1970

DoD Directive C-5030.44, Military Operations in or Near Politically

Sensitive Areas, June 29, 1973

DoD Directive C-5100.19, Critical Information Communications (CRITICOMM)

System, June 10, 2008, CONFIDENTIAL

DoD Directive C-5200.19, Control of Compromising Emanations, May 16, 1995,


DoD Directive C-5230.23, Intelligence Disclosure Policy, November 18, 1983,


DoD Directive O-2000.12-P, DoD Antiterrorism Strategic Plan, June 2004, FOUO

DoD Directive O-3600.1, Information Operations, August 14, 2006, FOUO

DoD Directive O-3600.3, Technical Assurance Standard for Computer Network


9CNA) Capabilities, May 13, 2005, FOUO

DoD Directive O-5100.30, Department of Defense (DoD) Command and Control

(C2), January 5, 2006, FOUO

DoD Directive O-5210.41, Security Policy for Protecting Nuclear Weapons,

November 1, 2004, FOUO

DoD Directive O-5240.02, Counterintelligence, December 20, 2007, FOUO

DoD Directive O-8530.1 Computer Network Defense (CND), January 8, 2001, FOUO

DoD Directive S-2060.04, DoD Support to the National Technical Nuclear

Forensics (NTNF) Program, April 1, 2009, SECRET

DoD Directive S-3115.07, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), January 25, 1973,


DoD Directive S-3150.7, Controlling the Use of Nuclear Weapons, June 20,

1994, SECRET

DoD Directive S-3321.1, Overt Psychological Operations Conducted by the

Military Services in Peacetime, July 26, 1984, SECRET

DoD Directive S-3325.02, Transfer of National Intelligence Collection

Tasking Authority (NICTA), March 16, 2009, SECRET

DoD Directive S-4515.17, Gate Keeper, September 13, 2002, SECRET

DoD Directive S-5100.44, Defense and National Leadership Command Capability

(DNLCC), July 9, 2008, SECRET

DoD Directive S-5105.61, DoD Cover and Cover Support Activities, May 3,

1997, SECRET

DoD Directive S-5200.37, Management and Execution of Defense Human

Intelligence (HUMINT), February 9, 2009, SECRET/NOFORN

DoD Directive S-5210.36, Provision of DoD Sensitive Support to DoD

Components and Other Departments and Agencies of the U.S. Government,

November 6, 2008, SECRET/NOFORN

DoD Directive S-5210.41-M, Nuclear Weapon Security Manual, November 2004,


DoD Directive S-5210.81, United States Nuclear Weapons Command and Control,

Safety and Security, August 8, 2005, SECRET

DoD Directive TS-3600.1, "Information Warfare," December 21, 1992

DoD Instruction C-2000.23, Conduct of DoD Contacts with the People¹s

Republic of China (PRC), July 15, 2008, CONFIDENTIAL

DoD Instruction C-2005.01, Freedom of Navigation (FON) Program, October 12,


DoD Instruction C-5030.44, Significant Military Exercises and Freedom of

Navigation Assertions in Politically Sensitive Areas, October 12, 2005,


DoD Instruction C-5105.32, Defense Attache System (DAS), March 18, 2009,


DoD Instruction C-5105.81, Implementing Instructions for DoD Operations at

U.S. Embassies, November 6, 2008, CONFIDENTIAL/NOFORN

DoD Instruction C-5240.08, Counterintelligence Security Classification

Guide, December 7, 2005, CONFIDENTIAL

DoD Instruction O-2000.22, Designation and Phyiscal Protection of DoD High

Risk Personnel (HRP), January 22, 2008, FOUO

DoD Instruction O-3020.43, Emergency Management and Incident Command on the

Pentagon Facilities, March 6, 2007, FOUO

DoD Instruction O-3100.11, Illumination of Objects in Space by Lasers, March

31, 2000, FOUO

DoD Instruction O-3115.07, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), September 15,

2008, FOUO

DoD Instruction O-3600.02, Information Operation (IO) Security

Classification Guidance, November 28, 2005, FOUO

DoD Instruction O-5205.11, Management, Administration, and Oversight of DoD

Special Access Programs (SAPs), July 1, 1997

DoD Instruction O-5205.11, Management, Administration, Oversight of DoD

Special Access Programs (SAPs), July 1, 1997, FOUO

DoD Instruction O-5210.63, DoD Procedures for Security of Nuclear Reactors

and Special Nuclear Materials (SNM), November 21, 2006, FOUO

DoD Instruction O-5210.72, Security Classification of Information Concerning

High Power Microwave and Related Military Systems, March 9, 1988, FOUO

DoD Instruction O-5240-21, Counterintelligence (CI) Inquires, May 14, 2009,


DoD Instruction O-7730.12, Notification Procedures for Accidents and

Significant Incidents Involving Nuclear Weapons, Reactors, and Radioactive

Materials, August 1976

DoD Instruction O-8530.2, Support to Computer Network Defense (CND), March

9, 2001, FOUO

DoD Instruction S-4410. 3, Policies and Procedures for Implementing Approved

National and Military Urgency Determinations, November 19, 1974

DoD Instruction S-5100.92, Defense and National Leadership Command

Capability (DNLCC) Governance, May 11, 2009, SECRET

DoD Instruction S-5210.82, Protection of Nuclear Weapons Coding Equipment,

August 22, 2006, SECRET

DoD Instruction S-5230.28, Low Observable (LO) and Counter Low Observable

(CLO) Programs, May 26, 2005, SECRET(?)

DoD Instruction S-5240.09, Offensive Counterintelligence Operations (OFCO),

October 29, 2008, SECRET/NOFORN

DoD Instruction S-5240.17, Counterintelligence Collection, January 12, 2009,


DoD Instruction S-5240.20, Classified Title, April 9, 2009, SECRET/NOFORN.

DoD O-1430.10-C-3-TNG, DoD-Wide Intelligence Career Development Program

(ICDP): General Intelligence Personnel; Defense Intelligence Special Career

Automated System (DISCAS), July 1988, FOUO

DoD O-2000.12-H, DoD Antiterrorism Handbook, February 2004, FOUO

DoD O-2000.12-P, DoD Antiterrorism Strategic Plan, June 2004, FOUO

DoD O-5200.1-1, Index of Security Classification Guides, September 1996,


DoD O-5505.9-M, Manual for Interception of Wire, Electronic and Oral

Communication for Law Enforcement (the Manual, NOT the Directive).

DoD O-5505.9-M, Procedures for Wire, Electronic, and Oral Interceptions for

Law Enforcement, May 1995, FOUO

DoD O-8530.01-M, Department of Defense Computer Network Defense (CND)

Service Provider Certification and Accreditation Program, December 17, 2003,


DTM 08-109, Establishment of the DoD Special Communications Enterprise

Office (SCEO), June 11, 2008, FOUO

DTM-08-048, Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) to Improve the Integrity of

Components Used in DoD Systems, February 19, 2009, FOUO