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USP Florence ADMAX:

USP Florence ADMAX

In a photo provided by the Bureau of Prisons the Federal Correctional
Complex in Florence, Colo., is seen on Feb. 11, 2004. Clockwise
from lower left is the minimum security Federal Prison Camp, the
high security United States Penitentiary, the maximum security
United States Penitentiary and the Federal Correctional Institution.
Al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui escaped the death penalty
Wednesday as a jury decided he deserved life in prison instead. He
is expected to spend the rest of his life at the federal maximum-security
prison. (AP Photo/Bureau of Prisons via The Gazette).
Creation Date 02/11/2004. Submit Date 05/03/2006.

DLR Group

DLR Group has been ranked the largest criminal justice architecture practice in the world by architecture and design publication, World Architecture magazine. The magazine released its 2006 list of the world's top architecture practices in its January 2006 issue. DLR Group was also ranked No. 1 in criminal justice by World Architecture in four previous years: 2005, 2003, 2000, 1999.

About DLR Group:

DLR Group is a nationally-recognized, full-service architectural, engineering, planning and design firm that specializes in the delivery of quality design services focused in justice, education, corporate, sports and entertainment. DLR Group provides an ever-expanding array of professional disciplines for the built environment backed by a rich history of noteworthy projects, a solid reputation for quality and stability. DLR Group has been responsible for the strategic facilities planning, programming, design, development and implementation of many national landmark projects.

Federal Correctional Complex Florence, Colorado

This master plan for the Federal Bureau of Prisons provides for the location of four prisons and penitentiaries of varying degrees of security, and accompanying support facilities. FCC's master plan marks the first time that minimum, medium, high security and administrative maximum security correctional institutions have been located on one site.

The plan balances environmental and operational concerns by incorporating issues as security, public image, climatic conditions, utility development, efficient operations, soil conditions and visual observation of high security facilities into a cost-effective design. These elements were carefully addressed to minimize the effects of the introduction of a major correctional complex into a sparsely populated and environmentally delicate area.

This project was designed in joint venture with LKA Partners of Colorado Springs.

* The Daiy Journal - One of the Top Colorado projects of the 20th century

Administrative Maximum Security Florence, Colorado

This is the first specifically designed Administrative Maximum Security facility ever to be built in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. A 562-bed facility located on 37 acres, it is divided into six varying security levels.

Based upon each inmate's security classification, support services, such as visitation, administration, health services, and educational program areas, as well as a chapel, gymnasium, and commissary are available. The design team was challenged to meet the extensive program and highest security parameters set by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and yet present an image appropriate and conducive to the local architecture.

The exterior materials are integrated in a manner which balances the scale with the massing, establishing a form which minimizes the visual impact of this 429,000-SF facility.