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2 January 2005. Update Boston, MA (color), Newark, NJ (color), New York Kennedy, NY, San Francisco, CA (color), and Salt Lake City, UT (color), New Orleans, LA.

24 December 2004. Update Los Angeles, CA, in high-resolution color.

15 June 2004. Add El Paso, TX; Fort Wayne, IN; Orlando, FL; and Providence, RI, in high-resolution color.

13 June 2004. Add more recent high-resolution color photographs of Albuquerque, NM; Anchorage, AK (new); Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO (new); Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; Oklahoma City, OK (new); Portland, OR; Raleigh, NC; Seattle, WA; St. Louis, MO, Tampa, FL (new); Washington Reagan,VA; Washington Dulles, VA.  Color photos from USGS: and

2 September 2002: Add Boise, ID; Memphis, TN; Phoenix, AZ; Pittsburgh, PA; Portland, OR; and Raleigh-Durham, NC.

1 September 2002
Source of photos: TerraServer.

Airports are shown at same scale for size comparison, from Dallas-Fort Worth, the largest shown here, to Boise, ID, the smallest. USGS photo links are to photos at lower resolution than those shown with additional information on airport vicinity.


Thirty-Six US Airports

Albuquerque, NM (color)

Anchorage, AK (color)

Atlanta, GA (color)

Boise, ID

Boston Logan, MA

Chicago O'Hare, IL (color)

Cincinnati, OH

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

El Paso, TX (color)

Denver, CO (color)

Detroit, MI (color)

Fort Wayne, IN (color)

Houston, TX (color)

Los Angeles, CA (color)

Memphis, TN

Miami, FL

Minneapolis-St Paul, MN

New Orleans, LA

Newark, NJ

New York Kennedy, NY

New York LaGuardia, NY

Oklahoma City, OK (color)

Orlando, FL (color)

Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ,

Pittsburgh, PA

Portland, OR (color)

Providence, RI (color)

Raleigh-Durham, NC (color)

Salt Lake City, UT (color)

San Francisco, CA (color)

Seattle-Tacoma, WA (color)

St Louis, MO (color)

Tampa, FL (color)

Washington Dulles, VA (color)

Washington Reagan, VA (color)

Albuquerque, NM
Also used by Kirtland Air Force Base, hence the munitions bunkers at lower right.
More on weapons storage at this base:

USGS photo 27 March 2002

Anchorage, AK

USGS photo 10 September 2002

Atlanta, GA

USGS photo 7 April 2002

Boise, ID

USGS photo 4 Jun 1992

Boston Logan, MA

USGS photo 2001

Chicago O'Hare, IL

USGS photo 10 Apr 2002

Cincinnati, OH

USGS photo 20 Oct 2000

Dallas Fort Worth, TX

USGS photo 31 Jan 1995

Denver, CO

USGS photo 19 March 2004

Detroit, MI

USGS photo 10 Apr 2002

El Paso, TX

USGS photo 26 March 2002

Fort Wayne, IN

USGS photo 10 April 2002

Houston, TX

USGS photo 27 January 2002

Los Angeles, CA

USGS photo 29 March 2004

Memphis, TN

USGS photo 29 Jan 1997

Miami, FL

USGS photo 15 Jan 1994

Minneapolis-St Paul, MN

USGS photo 17 Apr 1991

New Orleans, LA

USGS photo 28 December 2002

Newark, NJ

USGS photo 2002


New York Kennedy, NY

Getmapping photo June 2003

New York LaGuardia, NY

USGS photo 8 Apr 1994

Oklahoma City, OK

USGS photo 3 March 2002

Orlando, FL

USGS photo 4 June 2002

Philadelphia. PA

USGS photo 24 Apr 1999

Phoenix, AZ

USGS photo 30 Apr 1997

Pittsburgh, PA

USGS photo 7 Apr 1993

Portland, OR

USGS photo 8 May 2002

Providence, RI

USGS photo 26 April 2002

Raleigh-Durham, NC

USGS photo 28 March 2002

Salt Lake City, UT

USGS photo 20 September 2003

San Francisco, CA

USGS photo 27 February 2004

Seattle-Tacoma, WA

USGS photo 13 June 2002

St Louis, MO

USGS photo 22 Mar 2002

Tampa, FL

USGS photo 10 Mar 2002

Washington Dulles, VA

USGS photo 7 April 2002

Washington Reagan, VA

USGS photo 26 April 2002