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11 December 2005

A sends:

"[Hussein] defied orders to keep the court's location secret, mentioning that he was in the former Baath Party headquarters in Baghdad's Green Zone.  Protesting the exertions visited on him by American guards, he offered more precise coordinates, saying he had been forced to ascend four flights of stairs. And he used an outburst about his exhaustion, and his need for a recess to allow him to get a fresh shirt and underwear, to say he had been brought to the Green Zone for the trial "on an aircraft." He used an Arabic word that doubles for helicopter, another potential pointer for insurgents, who know that there are only a few designated landing zones in the Green Zone.''

Saddam's Trial Court Building
Baath Party Headquarters

Google Earth photos about 2005.

Under construction September 2002 from Digital Globe

Prior to latest Iraq War from Space Imaging via: