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21 September 2004. One of the Eyeball series.

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Source of aerial photo composite: Getmapping.
Ground level photos by Cryptome, 20 September 2004.

Cryptome previously eyeballed the Manhattan natural gas pipelines and the Bronx gas system. This showsthe pipeline system in southern Brooklyn. The Brooklyn landfall facility is the least secure facility.

NYC Brooklyn Gas System

A mariners' warning sign along the shore walk of Upper New York Bay. While the sign says petroleum pipeline there are signs at the vaults across
Belt Parkway in the background which indicate gas pipelines.

Petroleum pipelines warning marker near the sign above.

Landfall vaults and gas pipeline warning signs and vents associated with the Buckeye system.

The Buckeye system, like the adjoining Transco system, is open to Belt Parkway, unfenced and adjacent to a vehicle pull-off area.

A Transco (owned by the Williams Company) mariners' warning sign at the riverwalk along Upper New York Bay near the Buckeye sign. This is identical to
a sign formerly located at West 75th Street and the Hudson River in Manhattan now removed by the Williams Company. In the background of the right sign
leg, across Belt Parkway, are two vaults which hold pipeline controls shown in the following photos.

Transco vaults below steel grating. Inset shows signs on gratings. The covering grates are secured with bolts (top right); there were no locks
and no fencing.

These photos were shot through the steel grates of the Transco pipeline vaults. The top three photo-composites at left show various controls
in the southern vault. The bottom photo composite shows the main 26" pipeline itself in the northern vault.

An unidentified control station at the Transco site.

Street marking at Narrows Street and Shore Parkway inland from the Transco vaults. These markings occur about every 20 feet along the route of the
pipeline, from this point to Prospect Avenue and 4th Avenue, along with yellow dots about every four feet. Gas pipelines in Brooklyn of all sizes are vividly
marked, more so than in Manhattan and The Bronx.

A pipeline warning marker at 2nd Avenue and Belt Parkway, at left; an adjoining painted sidewalk marking of a 26"
350 PSI High Pressure FAC, at right. These painted markings of 26" and 16" pipelines, occur frequently along the
sidewalk and/or streetbed of 2nd Avenue, less frequently along 39th Street and along 4th Avenue

Two gas pipeline vents at 4th Avenue and 26th Street. Street markings show a 16" pipeline running under 26th Street toward the East River.

What appears to be an old gas pipeline vent at 4th Avenue and 26th Street, diagonally northeast from the two vents above.