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2 July 2007. A2 writes:

The screw pictured in your eyeball series is attached to a Trident Submarine, and not a newer class of boomer.  Its design is 25 years old and is probably not classsified. 

1 July 2007. A writes:

In your Boomer refit eyeball, in the 4th image down, isn't that a boomer screw that we see in the image? I thought the shapes of US screws were supposed to be classified TOP SECRET, for I've never seen a current US screw in any image at all, they're always shrouded.

Unshrouded screw  source  
Unshrouded screw  source  
Shrouded screw source

Enlarged photo of similar Japanese submarine 7-blade screw:

Another view of a boomer screw:

30 June 2007

Nuclear Boomer Refit

Bangor Naval Strategic Weapons Facility, WA

Looking North

Looking North

Looking East

Looking South

Looking West

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, WA

Boomer 1

Boomer 2

Boomer 3