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16 September 2004. One of the Eyeball series.

Maps from
Source of aerial photos: Terraserver-USA.
Ground level photos by Cryptome 15 September 2004.

Cryptome previously showed the Manhattan natural gas pipelines. This shows the pipeline facility at Point Morris, The Bronx, and the adjacent gas-fueled electrical power generating plant. Con Edison is the owner/operator of the facilties. This gas facility has more security than those in Manhattan. (Red-teaming identifies vulnerabilities so they can be addressed.)

A small brick facility houses the landfall controls of the pipeline which crosses Brooklyn and the East River into The Bronx and connects to the transcontinental pipeline which crosses upper Manhattan and the Harlem River into The Bronx, as shown on the NYC gas pipeline maps below. The pipeline serves The Bronx and Westchester County. It probably connects to a nearby pipeline by Iroquois Gas Transmission which delivers gas to the city across New York State from the north and underwater of Long Island Sound to Hunt's Point.

The facility was located by walking along the route of the pipeline coming from Manhattan, assisted by excavation markings on streets  and sidewalks which identified the gas pipe below. Along the route a number of gas regulator/vents were spotted. More on those following the facility photos.

NYC Bronx-Port Morris Gas Facility

Natural gas facility located at East 132nd Street and Locust Avenue, The Bronx.

This photo shows a security fence and concrete barricades around the gas pipe, added since the aerial
photo above of April 2002. South and west sides of facility. Light fixtures on the parapet may have
been added at that time as well. (Photos were shot through fence slots from public sidewalk.)

South view of the pipe and security measures.

West side of facility.

West side of gas pipe.

West and north facade of gas facility.

Looking east toward the pierhead where the pipeline comes into the site from the East River. Gate to facility at left.

Looking north toward the adjoining power plant. Canvas shelter is for truck washing.

Looking northeast toward bulkhead.

Gas-fueled power plant, looking north east.

Gas-fueled power plant, looking north east.

Gas-fueled power plant, looking north east.

Tracing the route of the pipeline from Manhattan and the Harlem River across the southern Bronx.

Yellow (indicating natural gas) exacavation marks trace the path of a 30" main gas pipeline from Manhattan across the southern
Bronx. This mark located next to the New York Post printing plant.

An unusual row of five regulator/vents, located on Lincoln Avenue near East 138th Street, along the route of a gas pipeline
heading north to The Bronx and Westchester County. The boxes on the vents contain pressure-regulating remotely-controlled

One of the Lincoln Avenue boxes had an open-web enclosure which allowed viewing of the interior regulating device
identification and specifications. Note the FCC classification. Fisher Controls on the web.

A gas deodorant tag on one of the Lincoln Avenue vents. Bizarrely, this device removes the strong odor of natural gas which is added to the original odorless product so a leak can be easily detected. Con Ed, like other gas marketers, is notoriously slow in repairing leaks. So these devices remove the odor so report of leaks are reduced, to hell with public safety.


The ACD-300 Activated Charcoal Deodorizer is designed to remove odorant from natural gas "bleed" associated with natural gas control instrumentation. The ACD-300 saves money by minimizing leak call outs in populated areas. The ACD-300 may be installed on all Becker Precision Equipment control instrumentation that discharges natural gas to atmosphere. The ACD installs on the vent exhaust port of the control instrument and is applicable for units that "bleed" constantly or intermittently. The Becker ACD-300 contains a specially impregnated activated charcoal component that provides greater absorption of natural gas odorant as compared to other types of charcoal deodorant. ACD-300's are sold in prepackaged quantities of four (4) per box.

This regulator at East 132nd Street and Cypress Avenue has two air quality monitors adjacent. The air among residential and
industrial buildings was noxious with garbage odor, the main source shown in following photos.

New York City's special train for shipping garbage to other parts of the earth, principally to West Texas, where much of
NYC's natural gas originates. While Texas gas remains plentiful, NYC has run out of garbage dumps for no neighborhood
will allow them. Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island closed a few years ago, but was temporarily used by the FBI for
WTC-evidence forensic work. Long before the FBI sifted the WTC remains, Fresh Kills was reputed to be the favorite
dumping ground of murder victims. No reports yet of the garbage train inheriting that role.