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13 July 2005. Thanks to Richard Lamont, links to his most informative Capenhurst site updated.

4 August 2003. Thanks to M.
Source of aerial photos and maps:

The Capenhurst Tower:

Ministry of Defence hid microwave phone-tap tower inside nuclear plant

By Richard Lamont



This is the secret radio tower which the government used to intercept thousands of trunk phone lines running through Britain to the Republic of Ireland.

Although there is no direct proof that this was the tower's purpose, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

The structure is located on the boundary of the British Nuclear Fuels Ltd uranium enrichment plant at Capenhurst in Cheshire, and to casual observers appears to be part of it.

It is also located right on the microwave line-of-sight between two British Telecom radio towers at Gwaenysgor in North Wales and Pale Heights in Cheshire.

Additional information on The Capenhurst Tower:

Architect's floor plan drawings:

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