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25 February 2008. Photos of the Cheney house under construction:

9 February 2008

Cryptome earlier misidentified the location of the new Chez Cheney. Fairfax County tax records show the correct address as 1126 Chain Bridge Road (Mailing Address 1 Observatory NW Circle is the Vice Presidential Residence).

Photos invited of the house now under construction. Send to cryptome[at]

A curious Daily Kos report on parties at this address, before the older house was demolished:

30 January 2008

The New Neighbors Sure Like Black SUVs

By Al Kamen

Wednesday, January 30, 2008; Page A13


Never too early to begin transition planning. So there were Vice President Cheney and spouse Lynne out in McLean on Sunday afternoon, strolling about the house they're building in that tony suburb.

A Loop Fan spotted the veep -- attracted by three black SUVs, a limo and a marked Secret Service car all parked discreetly along the road outside the property -- taking the tour of what he described as a "large home under construction."

The area is close enough to the CIA that Cheney could easily wander over from time to time to make sure they're getting the real intelligence on Iran, North Korea and various nuclear wannabes. (We agreed to a request from Cheney's office not to provide an exact location for the new manse.)

Unclear when the 12,765-square-foot bungalow will be finished, but it's not a Halliburton project, so it should be done by Inauguration Day '09. The estimated cost of construction is only $1.5 million.

The four-bedroom, nine-bath (including a couple of powders) house includes his and hers bathrooms off the master bedroom on the first floor and his and hers libraries, each with a fireplace, according to a review of the plans by our colleague Michael Laris.

Two more bedrooms are on the second floor, along with a sitting room, an exercise room and three baths. There's a playroom in the basement for the grandkids. A spot above the attached two-car garage has a bedroom, bathroom and bar. The house has the usual elevator that runs from the basement to the second floor.