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23 February 2008

The People of the CIA … Culinary Delights Soar to New Heights at CIA Thanks to Head Chef

February 21, 2008


“I like to take some of the classics, some things that people are comfortable with, and I’ll generally just make my own spin on them,” said the CIA’s Executive Chef Fred DeFilippo, who has been making a splash with dishes like his Chocolate Tiramisu since he began cooking for the Agency in 2004.

DeFilippo creates his delectable dishes for three dining rooms – Agency Dining Room 1, Agency Dining Room 2, and the Director’s Dining Room. On a busy day, the collective total of customers for all three dining rooms ranges between 120 and 150.


The Clandestine Chef

CIA Headquarters Chef


Before August 2006.


Note that the route of rooftop exhaust ductwork runs south and down, probably to the basement kitchen. Later ductwork
shown above indicates the kitchen has moved to the dining floor, open to the diners. 

Note also that ductwork for the Director's private dining is less elaborate than that above. Earlier photos below show that the
Director's private dining ductwork appeared after 1988.

August 2006.

Looking West (After August 2006) Birdseyes from

Looking West (After August 2006)

Looking West (After August 2006)

Looking North (Before August 2006)

Looking East (Before August 2006)

Looking South (After August 2006)

Looking South (After August 2006)

Looking South (After August 2006)

Looing West 1984. Department of Defense Visual Information Center.

Looking South 1985. Department of Defense Visual Information Center

Looking West 1988. Department of Defense Visual Information Center