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2 September 2007

CIA Headquarters has a substantial local electrical generating capacity to produce power in case the public
supply system shown here fails, similar to the redundancy of the National Security Agency electrical system. Due to
the vulnerability of the visible power lines easily traced from CIA HQ, there could also be another source of
electricity buried below ground -- public power supply cables or even a nuclear power generator concealed below
the visible fossil fuel generator or elsewhere on the grounds. For example, the National Reconnaissance Office, built
about 30 years after CIA HQ, appears to have underground electrical service, with the buried cable route visible next
to the local generators (readily visible from an adjoining highway). (Aside: that "buried cable route" can be traced to
the Transco Natural Gas Compressor Station No. 185 near Manassas shown here, and the broader DC-area natural gas
system here.)
B. The National Reconnaissance Office, Registration No. 71988

    Boeing Service Company (BSC) operates the National Reconnaissance 
Office (NRO) in Chantilly, Virginia. This facility is located in 
Westfields Business Park, Fairfax County. VADEQ submitted a permit for 
NRO to implement RACT requirements for five emergency and peak shaving 
diesel engine driven electrical generators (emission units GS-1 through 
GS-5). Each emission unit burns No. 2 diesel fuel oil and has a maximum 
rating of 1600 KW electrical output, normal rating of 2304 horsepower 
at 1800 RPM and 16.1 MMBtu/hour heat input.
NRO Generators and Cable Route Source

EPA report on the CIA facility:


Description of the polluting equipment:
A. The Central Intelligence Agency, Registration No. 71757

    The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operates stationary sources 
of air pollution at the George Bush Center for Intelligence (formerly 
known as CIA Headquarters compound) located in Mclean, Fairfax County, 
Virginia. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ) 
submitted a permit for CIA to implement RACT requirements for the 
following units: (a) Two Keeler natural gas/distillate oil fired 
boilers (Boilers 002 and 003) each with a maximum heat input capacity 
of 62.5 million Btu/hour; (b) one Cleaver Brooks natural gas/distillate 
oil fired boiler (Boiler 004) with a maximum heat input capacity of 
31.0 million Btu/hour; (c) one Nebraska Industrial natural gas/
distillate oil fired boiler (Boiler 005) with a maximum heat capacity 
of 62.5 million Btu/hour; (d) seven diesel fuel oil fired turbine 
generators (Generators 007 through 013) each with a maximum heat input 
capacity of 45.7 million Btu/hour, and (e) two Superior Boilerworks, 
waste heat recovery natural gas fired boilers (Boilers 041C and 041D) 
with a maximum heat input capacity of 17.5 million Btu/hour each. Test 
ports shall be provided when requested in accordance with the 
applicable performance specification in 40 CFR Part 60, Appendix A.
Boilers (Emissions Units 002, 003, 004, and 005)

The boilers and generators have been a perennial violator of environmental controls but now appears to have scrubbers
on its exhaust stacks. A report on CIA HQ air pollutants produced (tons/year):
                                        CO	NO2	PB	PM 10	SO2	VOC

Bush Center for Intelligence (CIA)	15.85	33.23	0.00	2.67	9.44	4.28

Some energy is produced by recycling although it is not clear if any is used to generate electricity:



CIA Headquarters Electricity Supply














The sub-station above is fed by the Dominion Power Generating Plant

Dominion Power Generating Plant,-77.279141&spn=0.014803,0.034332&t=h&z=16