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5 April 2006

A food facility listed at the location:

Sodexho Marriott at CIA Reston

The property owner listed:

Boston Properties Inc
12020 Sunset Hills Rd
Reston, VA 20190-5826
(703) 478-0125

A building permit listed.


Having designed facilities for the: CIA, NSA, ACOE and many of the major DOD sub-contractors, DNC is very familiar with the requirements for electronic and physical security of buildings.

Town Center Reston I & II


Two 120,000 square foot office buildings designed by DNC for MGA [original tenant] to meet the needs of a secure program for GE Aerospace, these buildings were fit-up with data centers, SCIF's, and vaulted areas. Subsequently leased to a secure government agency [CIA], DNC provided design services for miscellaneous on-going renovations.

Shielding Patent

Required to design a secure work environment for a 500,000 square foot data and operations center, DNC developed a new approach to shielding and providing uninterrupted access into a shielded facility. DNC patented their concept and designed a facility that was proven effective, verifiable and far less costly than other available systems.

[Cryptome adds:] Two patents describe electromagnetic shielding used in the buildings, with 33 detailed construction drawings in the first: No. 4,823,523No. 4,841,692

4 April 2006

A writes:

I was looking at your eyeball page on CIA facilities and noticed that there was one you can add.  The facility is in Reston, Virginia, about halfway between DC and Dulles Airport.  The facility is well known locally as a CIA building because Reston is a "planned community" and does not allow chain link fences.  They went to court to have the fence around this facility removed because it violated covenants.  As it turned out, the tenant of the building is the CIA and they refused to take action or even to comment on this issue.  As a result, the facility sticks out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood because it is the only one with a 10' black chain link and barbed-wire fence.  So much for stealth.

The address:  12020/12030 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston VA 20190.

Birdseyes from

CIA Reston