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Natsios Young Architects

4 January 2004

Source of photo:

Earlier eyeball images were derived from Mapquest, which has recently removed satellite photos from its site.

Compare to previous CIA eyeball:

CIA website:

The facility at upper left is the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, Federal Highway Administration, Department of Transportation, located outside the CIA boundary. CIA security requirements have impacted access to the unit.

The white-domed building at the forecourt is the CIA Museum:

In the Fall of 2003, Cryptome tried to visit the museum by driving into the southern entrance. Seeing concrete barriers on the road, we stopped and tried to back out of the driveway. A guard rushed up to order us to proceed to the guard station. There we were surrounded by CIA guards and military personnel and their bristling Hum Vees. A CIA guard asked why we were trespassing CIA property. We said to visit the museum. She said, it's not open to the public, only to authorized visitors. While we waited in our car, IDs were demanded and taken inside the guard house for checking. After 10 minutes the IDs were returned and off we went. The Hum Vees returned to the woods.

A couple of weeks afterwards we were photographing and videoing the CIA/State Department's worldwide transmission site near Brandy, VA, from a public road adjoining. A Virginia State trooper pulled up behind, lights flashing, and asked us what we were doing. Photographing the famous station, we said. Why are you doing that, he asked. We read about it on the Internet. Then CIA commercial guards drove up and repeated the question. They demanded IDs, radioed the data to somewhere, and then said we have to confiscate your cameras or you have to give us the memory chip and tape. They took the chip and tape, then gave us our IDs and a warning against photographing government sites.

Huge Eyeballing
Central Intelligence Agency

USGS Coordinates of Photograph
Southwest (Bottom Left) Corner Northeast (Top Right) Corner
38.943015 N, 77.152653 W 38.958635 N, 77.140498 W