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7 March 2008. Thanks to A for pointing. One of the Eyeball Series.

Clinton residence in Chappaqua, NY:

Hillary Clinton prepares for presidential run by expanding her 'White-House-in-Waiting'

By Philip Sherwell in Washington

Last Updated: 12:00am BST 11/09/2005


The Neo-Georgian mansion in Washington is officially called Whitehaven, but it is already known by irreverent Democrats as the "White-House-in-Waiting" and "Fund-raising Central".

Now Hillary Clinton's elegant five-storey  [2 1/2-story] home is to become even more grandiose with a $900,000 (£488,880) expansion and refit in preparation for her expected run at the presidency. The work, including a 1,000 square foot extension, will create more space for the New York senator to hold money-spinning dinners and receptions.

Mrs Clinton bought the red-brick house with her husband Bill, the former President, in 2001 for $2.8 million. Now valued at $4.2 million, it sits on the secluded Whitehaven Street, behind the British embassy and residence of Sir David Manning, the ambassador, and is just along from the Naval Observatory of Dick Cheney, the vice-president.

The Clintons, who were famed for their prolific entertaining during eight years in the White House, are the biggest draws on the Democrats' money-raising circuit. The house will be Mrs Clinton's stage from which she will amass a war chest for her Senate re-election campaign next year and a likely White House bid in 2008.

Mrs Clinton also regularly hosts fund-raisers for other prominent Democrats, boosting her standing with the party faithful ahead of the battle to secure the presidential nomination.

The planning authorities have allowed Mrs Clinton to put up a single-storey building and pergola, costing $55,000. A second permit authorises a 958 square foot extension at the back of the house, including a new raised terrace, which will cost an estimated $272,700. Gutting and remodelling the ground floor accounts for the lion's share of the cost, at $560,224.

Clinton DC Residence


Looking North Before Poolhouse Was Built

Looking North After Poolhouse Was Built

Looking East

Looking South After Poolhouse Was Built

A porch has been added since the photo below. There is a faint mark above the porch of the previous recessed and
pedimented doorway (see enlarged photo). Note the missing plinths (bases) of engaged pilasters, and the
new-penny copper flat porch roofing. Style changed from flat fluted Doric, to fulsome smooth Ionic. No
handrails yet, dangerous for sotted contributors.

Secret Service Presidential Protective and DC police.