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Natsios Young Architects

3 May 2002


This is titled as "Ft. Meade SIGINT Operations Center" as a guess by Cryptome, though the facility may have more general purposes. James Bamford in The Puzzle Palace (1982) writes of a SIGINT unit stationed near NSA headquarters which targets foreign embassies in the Washington DC area.

There are Regional SIGINT Operations Center (RSOC) units stationed at Ft. Meade similar to those serving at other RSOCs. A March 2002 official list of Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) units shows the Naval Security Group Command and a NSGA unit at Ft. Meade (though there may be others not listed for secrecy purposes):

Ft. Meade

Regional location photos and maps omitted; see those for NSA
headquarters located to the left of this facility: