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29 October 2006

Google Earth provides more recent satellite photos of a number of eyeballs previously published by Cryptome and others not eyeballed:

Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex, New Mexico, US

Device Assembly Facility, Nevada Testing Site, US

Pantex Nuclear Facility, Texas, US

Plum Island Biological Research Laboratory, New York, US

FBI Academy and Engineering Research Laboratory, Virginia, US

Sebana Seca Echelon Station, Puerto Rico, US

Pine Gap Echelon Station, Australia

Geraldton Echelon Station, Australia

Misawa Echelon Station, Japan

Kunia Echelon Station, Hawaii, US

Waihopai Echelon Station, New Zealand

Three Global Positioning Stations and perhaps Echelon as well:

Diego Garcia Atoll, UK

Ascension Island, UK

Kawjalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, US


New York City Police Ammunition Dump and Firing Range, New York, US

More updates as they are prepared.