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News report of June 5, 2002:

Bomb School

After 41 years of explosive training at a secret base in eastern North Carolina, the CIA's paramilitary wing is back on the front lines. For the base's neighbors in nearby Hertford, the echo of bombs is business as usual--and nobody's business.

Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity

Elizabeth City, NC

The Harvey Point facility was established in World War II as an operating base for blimps conducting anti-submarine surveillance of the Atlantic coast. It is used by CIA's Directorate of Operations for personnel training in explosives, paramilitary combat, and other clandestine warfare techniques.

Specifically, the Point is where "hardcore" paramilitary ops are worked on. The Farm teaches basics, relative to work done at the Point, from a paramilitary perspective. A course called AET, or Applied Explosive Techniques, is just one example. US Navy SEALs are frequently trained in this course of instruction. The group called SAD, or Special Activities Division, which is part of DS&T teaches many of these courses as well. SAD is an office devoted to sabotage techniques and blowing things up. They run training all the time--were responsible for the mining of the harbors down south about 10 years ago. SAD also runs EOD courses for the Secret Service.

Within the CIA's Directorate of Operation the areas are broken into the following organizational structures--divisions and staffs and branches, respectively. There is a PM Branch (or paramilitary branch) and their staff is called the Special Activities Staff or SAS. The Special Activities Staff is on par with CAG (Combat Applications Group, formerly Delta) and DevGroup (Naval SpecWar Development Group, former Seal Team 6) as far as operational ability and missions profile. It is considered a special mission unit [SMU], and carried out special collection activites (LRSU ops, etc), sabotage, friendly personnel/material recovery, threat pers/material snatches, BDAs, CT osp, raids, hostage rescue and other activities as directed by the President.

The SAS is a little known group working within the DO's paramilitary structure and is divided into branches: Ground Branch (handles land-based paramilitary combat, special collection activities, sabo, LRSU ops and training of agency personnel in counter terror/counter surv techniques at Camp Peary, Harvey Point, and two other areas within CONUS). The Maritime Branch handles all waterborne activites, such as the jet ski training in the Nevada lakes during the gulf war buildup as part of a insertion/Hostage rescue op. The Air Branch is the modern day version of Air America but to the entire world. Air Branch supplies al planes, helos and related air assets to the agency. If a bigwig needs to fly from HQ to STC (STC is agency parlance for Special Training Center, or Peary) they call on Air Branch, which is in the basement of the agency. If Ground branch needs an air platform for an insertion, they call on Air Branch.


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CIA Harvey Point Paramilitary Base