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Natsios Young Architects

10 January 2004
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The Presidential Marine Helicopter 1 (HMX 1) Hangar area is surrounded by a high-security perimeter fence, with single point of entry. The double fencing, and probably motion sensors in-ground and in the cabling, is constructed of straight segments to allow tightly-stretched cabling for signaling tampering, motion and vibration. Land-based security is likely supplemented with aerial, marine and electromagnetic surveillance and countermeasures, especially against MANPADS.

Compare to security of the Presidential Air Force 1 bunker:

Previous HMX 1 Hangar eyeball:

Big Eyeballing
Presidential Marine Helicopter 1 Hangar

USGS Coordinates of Photograph
Southwest (Bottom Left) Corner Northeast (Top Right) Corner
38.849795 N, 77.018210 W 38.857126 N, 77.008824 W