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31 December 2005

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Related FBI New York birdseye:

The Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan and Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) Brooklyn are the principal federal holding facilities of alleged and convicted terrorists. Staff at both have been charged with mistreating accused terrorists awaiting trial as well as innocents falsely accused and later released.

New York Terrorist Detention Centers


Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC)


MCC at center, with the US Attorneys office connected to its left and two federal courthouses to its right. At left, across the street is NY Police Headquarters. Upper left is the NYC Municipal Building. Base of building at upper right is the Javits Federal Building which houses the New York FBI.

MCC Looking South

MCC Looking North

MCC Looking East

The following two photos by Cryptome, 4 February 2008, show a NYC Subway electrical sub-station between the US Attorney's Office, left, and the Metropolitan Correctional Center, right. The station was built in the early 1900s and a new facade was added to blend with the justice facilities. After 9/11 identification signs were removed from the sub-station. Connected to the subway system below and containing very-high-voltage electrical systems, presumably it is securely isolated from the justice facilities.

Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) Brooklyn

MDC Looking South

MDC Looking East

MDC Looking North

MDC Looking West

Following photos of the MDC, Brooklyn, NY, by Cryptome, 10 March 2009