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10 November 2003. See related Pakistan Embassy Radio Data:

9 November 2003. Thanks to P. for photos of the PK Embassy and these comments:

The images of Rear and Side show evidence of building works still in progress [as in the first news article].

Pakistan is peculiar as it has two Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Islamabad and another in Karachi. Call signs for their radios are ASP32 and ASK21 respectively.

Frequencies used are 13252, 14365-14370, 14377, 14407, 16202, 16351, 18973-19015, 19022, 19747, 19905, 20010, 20028.5, 20099, 20369-20373, 20381, 21856-21876 and 21882kHz. [There will be others as yet undisclosed]

International call signs used are: Ankara Turkey ASS6, Dhaka Bangladesh ASP23, Moscow Russia ASM41, Rome Italy ASZ57, Stockholm Sweden ASN69. Other intercepts include the Pyongyang Korean relay on 9047.5 via Deutshe Post in Berlin Germany.

The antenna above the London Embassy is a log periodic type, will be suitable for 5000 to 30000kHz and able to handle RF powers in excess of 1kW.

PK Embassy at far end of the block at right. Lowndes Square at left.

PK Embassy front, with antenna above.

PK Embassy at side.

PK Embassy at rear.

6 November 2003. One of the Eyeball series.
Source of photos and maps:

M. writes:

An article out today in both the 'Independent' and 'The Times' identifies the embassy featured in the Sunday Times paper November 2 as the Pakistan Embassy. It is situated in Lowndes Square, London SW1 at the junction of Harriet Walk SW1. The building is as described, work is going on with scaffolding to the rear. On the roof is a bright shining log-aperiodic antenna, pointing in an easterly direction.

S. writes: Report from Pakistan:,0005.htm

High Commission for Pakistan London

34- 36 Lowndes Square
London SW1X 9JN

0207-6649200 (Main Switch Board)
0207-6649284 (Reception)


"The Pakistan High Commission in London: An Unmitigated Disaster:"

MI5 Bugging
of the
Pakistan Embassy