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15 November 2006. Add power plant No. 12.

13 November 2006

Mosenergo: energy history of Russia

Mosenergo’s history is closely connected with that of the country. The company’s corporate history dates as back as 1887. It was the year when the Joint-Stock Company of Electric Lighting founded by the outstanding engineer and entrepreneur Karl Siemens concluded the first contract on the ‘arrangement’ of lighting in Moscow.

1910 Moscow Lighting Cable Plan. Source: Mosenergo

New industry of the Russian economy was dynamically evolving. It was late in 1888 that the first central power plant Georgievskaya provided Moscow with electricity. In 1897 the Moscow City Power Plant MGES-1 Raushskaya (currently, the Mosenergo branch GES-1) was opened, it was followed by MGES-2 Tramvainaya launched on 15 February 1907. The generation development on the brink of the 20th century became a precondition for the rapid economic growth of the Russian economy.

After the revolution of 1917 all energy companies were nationalized. The Electric Department of the High Council of the People’s Economy was assigned to manage the sector. In December 1917, proposals for further development of the Moscow power sector were published. These proposals became the basis of the GOELRO plan – a unique programme for the power system development of the whole country. In the Moscow region the GOELRO plan provided for constructing of Kashirskaya GRES (now – GRES-4) and Shaturskaya GRES (GRES-5). Krasnopresnenskaya TEZ (now –TEZ-12), TEZ-6 and TEZ-8, branches of OAO Mosenergo, were commissioned at that time. The GOELRO plan implementation ensured the national economy’s industrialization. As a result the Soviet Union became the leading world power.

In 1993, the production association AO MOSENERGO was transformed into an Open-end Joint-Stock Company.

In April 2005, in accordance with the power sector reform plan, 13 companies were spun off by OAO Mosenergo by the type of activities: network, maintenance, sales, etc. The generating assets remained in OAO Mosenergo, excluding 4 separate power plants – GRES-4, GRES-5, GRES-24 and Zagorskaya GAES, now belonging to the wholesale-generating companies.


OAO Mosenergo is the largest territorial generating energy company (TGK-3) of Russia. The power plants of OAO Mosenergo produce some 5% of thermal and 8% of electric power of this country.

In 2005, MOSENERGO passed through a complex restructuring procedure.

As from April 1, 13 entities, each carrying on its own business, spun off from vertically integrated MOSENERGO.

After splitting up MOSENERGO remains the largest regional energy supplier of the Russian Federation. Being a RAO UESR's subsidiary, MOSENERGO is essentially an indispensable integral part of the Unified Energy System of Russia.

The Company's power system is essentially a complex of 17 thermal power plants generating energy and power, having a common operation mode and relying on a shared capacity reserve and a centralized operational and dispatching control system. The Company's installed electrical capacity totals 10.6 thousand MW, the installed heat capacity is 34.2 thousand Gcal/h (39.8 thousand MW).

Along with the power plants, the power utility's operation is supported by 15 branches - Energosbyt, IT Center, Energosvyaz, factories, design, maintenance, setup and other branches.

MOSENERGO's thermal plants operate 112 turbines (104 cogeneration turbines, 6 gas-turbine units, and 2 expansion generating units), 117 power boilers and 115 peak water heaters.

The scope of MOSENERGO activities extends to electric energy and power generation and its supply to the wholesale market and ultimate consumers through OAO Mosenergosbyt, heat generation, sales of heat for ultimate consumers of Moscow and the Moscow Region, including by way of heat transmission via OAO Moscow Heating Network Company's grids.

Moscow Power Plants


No. 1

One of the earliest Moscow power plants, built in 1911. Shown in center of the lighting cable plan above.

No. 1 Plant Plan (rotated 180-degrees from photo above, river at bottom.)

No. 1 Plant Section

Drawings from Mosenergo

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

No. 10

No. 11

No. 12