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Natsios Young Architects

10 July 2003. C. writes:

MFSC was *never* a launching site for space craft. The buildings you describe are test stands used for Saturn, early Shuttle, and various other rocket engines.

9 July 2003
Source of photos and maps: Mapquest (color) and Terraserver (monochrome).

Marshall Space Flight Center:

Though as far as known MSFC no longer launches space craft, the gantries and  vehicle assembly buildings appear to be maintained and perhaps could be readied for use.

Compare to the vast Kennedy Space Center:

MSFC adjoins the Redstone Arsenal (aerial below):


1. Report suspicious activities to the Redstone Arsenal Police at (256) 876-2222.

2. Report:

a. Suspicious vehicles that:
(1) appear to be broken down either on or in areas in close proximity to the installation.

(2) appear to be broken down or stalled and are obstructing traffic flow onto the installation.

b. Suspicious individuals that:

(1) appear to be conducting surveillance of Redstone Arsenal facilities.

(2) are asking questions about Redstone Arsenal personnel or activities.

(3) are not complying with visitor control rules (not registering, wearing security identification badge, or staying with escort).

NOTE: If faced with any of these situations; do not initiate corrective action. Contact the Redstone Arsenal Police Desk, 876-2222.

Marshall Space Flight Center

USGS photo 9 Feb 1998

Redstone Army Depot

USGS photo 9 Feb 1998