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10 August 2002
Source of maps and photos: (color) and TerraServer USGS 23 Sep 2001 (monochrome).

National Air Intelligence Center:

Mission Statement

We Are.....

The sole national center for integrated intelligence on aerospace systems, forces, and threats
The single Air Force intelligence production center

Our Mission.....

Provide tailored air and space intelligence products and services at the desired classification level to meet the cycle time of our customers in the operational, acquisition, and policymaking communities

Our Charge.....

Ensure US air and space forces are:

Never surprised by foreign air and space capabilities
Prepared to conduct information operations
Prepared to defeat future threats
Prepared for global engagement

To fulfill our mission and our charge, we have defined our fundamental values and principles. These core beliefs and standards of behavior will guide our daily efforts.

Air Intelligence Agency:




USGS photo 23 Sep 2001

USGS photo 23 Sep 2001

USGS photo 23 Sep 2001