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Natsios Young Architects

4 June 2004. A. reports that the facilities are those of the National Maritme Intelligence Center and Census Bureau, and points to this map:


National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC) is also known as the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI):

Located in the Federal Center in Suitland, Maryland, the National Maritime Intelligence Center, or NMIC, is the home and nerve center of ONI. NMIC also supports the United States Coast Guard Intelligence Coordination Center, the Naval Information Warfare Activity, and the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity.

See previous eyeball of the facility:

3 June 2004. Anonymous reports that these are National Reconnaissance Office facilities.

3 June 2004. One of the Eyeball series.

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The Naval Photo Interpretation Center (NAVPIC) is reported to have been incorporated into the National Imagery and Mapping Agency which has been renamed the National Geo-spatial Intelligence Agency.

Unknown structures are:

1. The circular structure at upper left with dark bands -- map above shows it is the Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant. The dark bands are solar cells.

2. The securely-fenced and barricaded dark-roofed structure at the center -- map above shows it is the National Maritime Intelligence Center.

3. The sea-shell shaped structure at bottom center and adjoining antenna -- A. reports it is named the "Nautilus" and is a communications facility.

National Martime Intelligence Center

4-meter resolution. USGS Photo, April 2002.

2-meter resolution. USGS Photo, April 2002.

1-foot resolution. USGS Photo, April 2002.