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Natsios Young Architects

19 August 2011. Add plan and four oblique views from

7 August 2002
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Naval and Marine Intelligence Training Center:


Layton Hall, where NMITC is housed, is a two story, 185,700 square foot building that houses

5 general classrooms
32 special labs
22 Automated Electronic Classrooms
numerous computer systems and networks with real world connectivity
a 180-seat auditorium

NMITC is a component of the Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic, at Dam Neck, VA:

Global provides a description of the 13 units located at Dam Neck:

Dam Neck is located on the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia, 5 miles from the city's resort area. NAVSEA Dam Neck is a tenant of the Fleet Combat Training Center, Atlantic. Dam Neck's strategic location places it in the center of major multi-service commands. With its existing complex of mockups, computers, live data links, radars, sensors and weapons systems, the facility provides an ideal environment for multi-service test activities. This capability is further enhanced by the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) Land Based Test Site (LBTS) located in the facility. Dam Neck's strategic location allows real-time interfacility testing via microwave and landline links with the AEGIS Combat Systems Center (ACSC) at Wallops Island, VA, and fleet units in Norfolk pierside or operating at sea in the VACAPES OP area operating individually or as a battle group.

Marine Corps Order  3500.32, Intelligence Training and Readiness Manual, 28 June 1999 (1,045 pages; 1.7MB). Excerpts:

APPENDIX D 0211 Counterintelligence HUMINT Specialist Additional Training 1 Level Cross Cultural Communications Course (Hurlburt Field, FL) Military Operations Other Than War Course (EWTG LANT/PAC) Defensive Driving Course (Bill Scott Raceway) Counterterrorism Analysis Course (DIA) Asian Pacific Orientation Course (APOC), Hurlburt Field, Fl Eastern Europe Orientation Course (EOC), Hurlburt Field, Fl African Orientation Course (AOC), Hurlburt Field, Fl Revolutionary Warfare Course (Hurlburt Field, FL) Army Correspondance Course, Counterintelligence Agents Course (course #: 301 M15) Latin American Orientation Course (LAOC), (Hurlburt Field, FL) Law Of Land Warfare Course Antiterrorism Instructor Qualification Course (Ft. Bragg, NC) High Risk Personnel Course (HRP), (Quantico, VA) Basic Airborne Course (Ft. Benning, GA) National Counterdrug Awareness Course (Brunswick, GA) Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Course (SERE), (Brunswick, ME/Ft. Bragg, NC/Coronado, CA) Dynamics of International Terrorism (DIT) (Hurlburt Field, FL) Defense Language Institute (DLI) (Monterey, CA) Collection Managers Course, (DIA) Middle Eastern Orientation Course (MEOC), (Hurlburt Field, FL) Individual Terrorism Awareness Course, Ft Bragg NC United Nations Correspondence Course, Global Terrorism Kinesic Interview Course, Ft Bragg NC United Nations Correspondence Course, International Humanitarian Law and the Law of Armed Conflict MAGTF Basic CI/HUMINT Course, NMITC Intelligence Analysis Systems Course (NMITC, Dam Neck, VA) Analytical Risk Management Course (MTT) CI Analysis Course, DIAC Bolling AFB DLI East, CCCC, CLNC Basic CI Analysis Course (JCITA), Ft Meade Md Basic Foreign CI Course (JCITA), Ft Meade Md Expeditionary Warfare Intelligence Course (EWIC) REID Seminars (Basic and Advance) (MTT) JDISS Basic Operators Course (NMITC) 2 Level Multidicipline CI Course, Bolling AFB Defense Against Sound Equipment/Technical Countermeasures Training Course, (DASE), (Ft. Meade) DOD Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Course (TSCM), (Ft. Meade/Ft. Washington) Military Operations Training Course (MOTC), (DIA) Surveillance/Advance Foreign Counterintelligence Training Course (JCITA), (Ft. Meade) Evolution of American CI, Wash DC Strategic Approaches to CI, Wash DC CI Analytical Methods Course, Bolling AFB DIA, Attache Staff Operations Course, Bowling AFB Wash, DC DOD Polygraph Institute, Ft Jackson, SC Strategic Debriefers Course (Ft. Huachuca, AZ) Joint Counterintelligence Staff Officers Course (JCISO), (DIA) Undergraduate Intelligence Program, (DIA) MAGTF Intermediate CI/HUMINT Course, NMITC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco GA
APPENDIX E 0211 Counterintelligence HUMINT Specailist Professional Reading 1 Level FM 34-52, Intelligence Interrogation Armed Forces and Modern Counterinsurgency, Beckett, Ian, F.W., ISBN: 0-312-00449-4 FMFM 3-21, MAGTF Intelligence Operations Low-Intensity Conflict, Ware, Lewis, B., ISBN: U.S. Govt printing office Sword and Shield, Richelson, Jeffrey, T., ISBN: 0-88730-035-9 Red Revolution, Jones, Gregg, R., ISBN: 0-8133-0644-2 FMFM 7-36, MAGTF NEO's DIAM 58-12, DoD HUMINT Management System DoD Instruction 2000.14, DoD Combating Terrorism Program Procedures DoD Instruction 5240.1R, Activities Of DoD Intelligence Components That Affect US Persons FM 100-37, Terrorism Counteraction FM 101-5-1, Operational Terms and Graphics FM 19-20, Investigations The U.S. Intelligence Community, Richelson, Jeffrey T., ISBN: 0-88730- 245-9, or latest version. FM 34-3, Intelligence Analysis Middle East Terrorism Selected Group Profiles, Alexander, Yonah, ISBN: 0-9644523-0-8 MCWP 2-14, Counterintelligence FMFM 7-14, Combating Terrorism MCWP 2-1, Intelligence Operations FMFM 8-1, Special Operations IIR Cookbook Joint Pub 1-02, DOD dictionary of military and associated terms. Joint Pub 2-01.2, Joint Doctrine, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Counterintelligence LIC-2600-004-91, GIRH MCO 003820.2, Marine Corps Counterintelligence Force Protection Source Operations MCO 1050.15, Foreign Leave Travel MCO 3850.1H, Policy and Guidance for Counterintelligence Activities MCO 3800.2A, Conduct & Oversight of Intelligence Activities DIAM 58-11, DoD HUMINT Policies and Procedures FM 21-26, Map Reading and Land Navigation OPNAVINST 003820.16D, Formica Instruction Inroduction to Intercultural Communications Interpersonal Communications; Emmert & Emmert Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Cindy Davis Geneva Conventions Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (1949) FM 19-40, Enemy Prisoners of War, Civilian Internees, and Detained Persons MCO 007040.1, Emergency & Extraodinary Expense Funds MCO 3876.1A, Policy and Guidance for Interrogator-Translator Activities FM 27-10, Law Of Land Warfare How We Won The War, Giap, Vo, Nguyen, ISBN: 0-916894-01-0 Spy Catcher, Wright, Steve, ISBN: 0-670-82055-5 MEU SOC Training Publications Mao Tse-Tung on Guerrilla Warfare, Griffith II, Samuel B., ISBN: 1- 877853-10-0 SECNAVINST 3820.3D, Oversight of Intelligence Activities Within the DoN SECNAVINST 5520.3B, Criminal and Security Investigations and Related Activities Terrorism: Pragmatic International Deterrence and Cooperation, Allan, Richard, ISBN: 0-913449-22-9 The Commandante Speaks, Prisk, Courtney, E., ISBN: 0-8133-1066-0 MCO 5511.11E, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Program Instant Empire, Henderson, Simon, ISBN: 1-56279-006-4 Who's at the Helm?, Lessons of Lebanon, Tanter, Raymond, ISBN: 0-8133- 0993-X DODD 2000.12, DoD Combating Terrorism Program SECNAVINST 3850.2B, DON Counterintelligence DODD 5240.2, DoD Counterintelligence EXECUTIVE ORDER 12333, United States Intelligence Activities MCO 3302.1C, The Marine Corps AT/FP Program DODI 2000.16, DoD Combating Terrorism Program Standards 2 Level DODI 5240.10, DoD Counterintelligence Support to Unified and Specified Commands FMFM 3-1, Command and Staff Action FM 34-2, Collection Management MCO 1550.4D, Management of Defense Foreign Language Program MCO 1550.25, Marine Corps Foreign Language Program FM 34-100, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace MCO 7220.52B, Foreign Language Proficiency Pay Program J-TENS Manual


Naval and

This shows the entire Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic, with the NMITC near the bottom.

An unknown bermed facility at the Amphibious Base.