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Natsios Young Architects

15 August 2004

J. writes:

The "NSA odd station" is not used by NSA. It's the MARS (Military Affiliate Radio Service) station for Fort Meade. I lived in the housing area around there from 1986 to 1991 and regularly rode my bike up there. The door to the station had the MARS logo and text on it.

9 March 2004

C. writes:

It really isn't that odd.  Looks like a training site, thus no need for extensive barriers, guards, fields of fire, etc.  Especially when you consider it is near the housing area, and what looks like a main entry gate.

The buildings?  Who ever heard of the 'cruits getting stuff that works.  In my old days, took 4 hours of maintenance for every hour a student got a working piece of equipment.

Old Spook, now better employed.

D. writes:

I think you have the Fort Meade Cable TV earth station, not NSA.  Might be a relay for AFRTS, but I have not heard of one there.

7 March 2004
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Source of photo:

This station is located at Ft. Meade, northeast of NSA headquarters. There are about 12 dish antennas shown along with tower antenna, three large at the upper right and 8 or 9 to the right of the tower -- one of these is a portable antenna painted olive drab.

What is odd about it is its location away from the main NSA and Ft. Meade facilities, modest access road, lack of fencing and simple structures more like maintenance buildings rather than usually those associated with a communication station. Compare to several stations shown on the NSA big eyeball:

Big Eyeballing


USGS Coordinates of Photograph
Southwest (Bottom Left) Corner Northeast (Top Right) Corner
39.122394 N, 76.759147 W 39.136393 N, 76.743559 W
USGS Photo April 2002 Downloaded 7 March 2004