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1 January 2006

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New York Police Department:

City Financing a "School of the Americas" in the Bronx

by Frank Morales


The New York Post offered another take on how to "avoid another tragedy like the Amadou Diallo shooting" in a story entitled, "City paving the way to give cops ‘street smarts.' " The solution: a "$10 million replica of a New York City street," on the grounds of the police firing range which will provide to the officers state of the art police/military training technology. According to the Post promotion, the new training center "will revolutionize how city cops are trained in the use of deadly force." It will feature the simulation of "every kind of stressful situation so that when they (cops) get out on the streets they do exactly as they are trained to do."

The official name of the program, the "Joint Regional Tactical Village," a "gritty, realistic urban scenario," is code-named "Judgment Town," and is to be completed by April 2001. According to the Post report, "plans for Judgment Town date back to 1998, when the NYPD contacted the U.S Army Corps of Engineers about the project. The corps now has a crew of servicemen at Rodman's Neck building the tenements." In addition to the NYPD, "agents from the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service and other federal law enforcement organizations will also train there too, officials said." The U.S. military currently operates a number of "military operations in urban terrain" or MOUT training sites around the country. Law enforcement "joint" training centers, given the convergence of the military and law enforcement, is, from the point of view of counterinsurgency and social control, the next step.

What a squalid dump of temporary buildings, shipping containers, mobile shacks, trash, debris, abandoned vehicles and equipment, giving the appearance of an outlaw rag-tag army lazily preparing for an assault on New York City, expecting no opposition, much less crafty terrorists. Security looks exceptional poor for an ammunition depot. Explosives are reportedly stored here as well. The fake buildings and street are way too clean and in good repair to be believable. The rest of the site looks as though it belongs in the most decrepit neighborhoods of the city. Except the firing ranges, those are crisply suburban sports shooting entertainment. One of them is air-conditioned.

New York Police Ammunition Depot


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