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Natsios Young Architects

31 January 2004
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Anonymous writes:

This is Ft. Washington, MD.

It is run by the CIA under the cover of a Navy research facility or Federal Communications site. The site is totally black budget, and the majority of the agencies involved deny any knowledge the site even exists. There have been numerous investigations into financial anomalies at the site, and Congress has raked the leadership of the site over the coal more then a few times. Huge budgetary holes have been traced to this facility over the past 30 years, and you have to have a security clearance just to mow the grass. The site is used to develop bugging devices for the CIA and State Department for bugging of foreign embassies. They also develop torture and assassination devices, lock-picks, safe-cracking tools, kidnapping tools, and a variety of poisons and toxins for use in the field. Basically, this is the site that develops all the little nefarious toys that the government's spies play with to bring about death and destruction.

Big Eyeballing
Office of Special Technology
Central Intelligence Agency

USGS Coordinates of Photograph
Southwest (Bottom Left) Corner Northeast (Top Right) Corner
38.730441 N, 77.014393 W 38.738799 N, 77.002771 W