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28 September 2004. One of the Eyeball series.

Maps from
Source of aerial photo composite: Getmapping.
Ground level photos by Cryptome, 26 September 2004.

Cryptome previously eyeballed the Manhattan natural gas pipelines, the Bronx gas system and the Brooklyn gas system. This  shows the pipeline system in Queens, NY.

NYC Queens Gas System

The photos below trace the route of the main gas pipeline from the Astoria Power Plant at the north shore
of Queens to the southern boundary with Brooklyn. The route of the pipeline was easily seen from bright
yellow street markings and periodic gas regulator/vents.

Astoria Power Plant, Shore Boulevard and 20th Avenue, Queens. There were security personnel
at operating gates of the plant.

Main gas pipeline going into what may be a compressor station in the Astoria plant, protected with
fencing along 20th Avenue, foreground, and around the piping on the plant grounds.

Gas pipeline serving the power plant along 20th Avenue, lightly protected with concrete barrier and fence.

An exposed control valve of the gas pipeline along 20th Avenue, lightly protected by single barrier and fencing.

Gas regulator/vent at Shore Boulevard and Astoria Park, south of Astoria Power Plant.

Gas regulator/vent on a branch pipeline.

Pipeline markings on 14th Street, giving the pipe size as 24 inches and titled "FAC." "Bar holes" had been drilled
along much of the pipeline route, perhaps to indicate upcoming repair work.

Pipeline markers at a landscaped area which interrupted 14th Street near 33rd Avenue, the marker at right just visible
in a hedge around a tennis court.

Gas regulator/vents at 12th Street and 37th Avenue. There were pipeline street markings along
much of 12th Street.

The Ravenswood Power Plant, Vernon Boulevard and 36th-38th Streets. Security personnel were on duty at
operating gates.

A new gas-fueled power plant at the Ravenswood Power Plant on Vernon Boulevard at 38th Avenue.

Markings and signage along 10th Street near 43rd Avenue. There were pipeline street markings along
much of 10th Street.

A gas regulator with worker's note attached, near 10th Street and 42nd Avenue.

Pipeline markers and street markings at 10th Street and 42nd Avenue, adjacent to the Queensboro Bridge.

A small municipal power plant on Vernon Boulevard near 43rd Avenue. This was served by a 20" line running
along Vernon Boulevard which branched off the main 24" line. There were pipeline street markings along
much of Vernon Boulevard.

A gas regulator/vent near the municipal power plant above. This served a 20" line parallel to the
24" line on 10th Street.

A pair of regulator/vents at 10th Street and 44th Avenue.