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24 December 2005

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John Pike/FAS writes of the State Department Beltsville Communications Annex:

State Department

Beltsville Communications Annex

This facility presents a bit of a puzzle. It is located right next door to the joint CIA/NSA "CSSG" Special Collection Service facility on Springfield Road, although there does not appear to be an obvious direct physical connection between the two. While the Beltsville Communication Annex is listed in the State Department telephone directory as State Annex SA-26, there is no indication on the sign at the site of this affiliation, which is contrary to typical State Department practice. It is also reported that SCS personnel use Consular Service and Diplomatic Telecommunications Service cover when forward deployed, so it would stand to reason that they might operate from a "State Department" facility when in the United States in order to maintain the plausibility of their cover. Of course, the robustness of their cover would be even further enhanced if the facility actually was a State Department facility. So in this case we are left with a Scottish "not proven" verdict.

State Department Communications Annex 26


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