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28 December 2003. Thanks to B., unblurred but watermarked images remain available of the White House, Vice Presidential Residence and Capitol at These pairs from AirPhotoUSA  and GlobeXplorer were downloaded 28 December 2003 (note that all are attributed to GlobeXplorer -- which obtains them from USGS -- and which seems to be the only censor):

AirPhotoUSA GlobeXplorer

White House. Photo date: 1 June 2001

White House. Photo date: 26 April 2002

Veep Residence. Photo date:1 June 2001

Veep Residence. Photo date: 26 April 2002

Capitol. Photo date: 1 June 2001

Capitol. Photo date: 26 April 2002

19 December 2003

Some time after December 13, 2003, when Cryptome downloaded the satellite images below from, the site's image offering has been removed. Now only maps are available. It is not clear if this removal is temporary or permanent.

Mapquest has been a primary source of images in the Eyeball series.

It is possible that only Cryptome is blocked. If anyone can still get satellite images from Mapquest please send a note to

The British version of Mapquest, continues to offer aerial images. And black and white images of the US are available from

18 December 2003. Kevin Poulsen reports on who did the pixelating in Security Focus:

13 December 2003. One of the Eyeball series.
Source of photos: Mapquest.

The distinctive pixelating of aerial photos of seats of US power would appear to make them more easily identifiable targets.

Eyeballing the White House, May 21, 2002:


White House

May 21, 2002 December 13, 2003

Eyeballing the Vice President's Residence, June 22, 2002:


Vice President's Residence

June 22, 2002 December 13, 2003

Eyeballing the U.S. Capitol, May 21, 2002:


U.S. Capitol

May 21, 2002 December 13, 2003
This shows the Capitol and Senate and House office buildings pixelated, but not
the Supreme Court, light-colored building at right of the Capitol.

Aerial photos of previously eyeballed sites -- for example, Air Force One and Helicopter One hangars, the Pentagon, CIA, NSA and NRO -- remain unpixelated. Mapquest aerials on December 13, 2003:

Air Force One Hangar

Helicopter One Hangar

The Pentagon

Central Intelligence Agency

National Security Agency

National Reconnaissance Agency