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United States Army Special Forces Command (USASFC)(Airborne):

1st Special Forces Group (Airborne): [Not a military website.]



The disappointing conclusion to America's Vietnam experience foreshadowed a shift of strategic emphasis away from Asia and the Pacific, back to NATO and Europe. The size of the Army was being reduced to peacetime levels, and decisions on these reductions were being made by leaders more concerned with maintaining armor and mechanized infantry strength than with maintaining unconventional warfare capabilities. Special Forces, which had grown to a force of seven groups in 1963, was cut severely in strength. 3rd Group was inactivated in 1969, followed by 6th Group in 1971, and 8th Group in 1972. In 1974, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) was also cut from the force, furling its colors on 28 June. Left behind was a single team, US Army Special Forces Detachment Korea, to provide a special operations presence in the Far East.

Ten years later, the need for special operations forces in the Asia-Pacific Theater became apparent to the leaders of the Army and the nation, and 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) was once again called to duty. One battalion of the Group would be forward-stationed at Okinawa, while two battalions and the Group's headquarters and separate companies would be organized at Fort Lewis, Washington.

The first element to be activated was Company A, 1st Battalion, which was reactivated at Fort Bragg on 15 March 1984. This company and the remainder of 1st Battalion were assembled and deployed to Torii Station, Okinawa during the spring and summer of 1984, under command of Lieutenant Colonel James Estep. An in-theater activation ceremony for the battalion was held at Torii Station on 19 October 1984, with Lieutenant General Alexander Weyand present, as reviewing officer.

Activation of the rest of 1st Special Forces Group (Headquarters Company, 2nd and 3rd Battalions, Service Company, Signal Company, and 1st Military Intelligence Company) officially commenced on 4 March 1984 at Fort Lewis, Washington.


List of Countries and Entities of the Asia-Pacific Region

Australia _____ Mauritius
Bangladesh Micronesia, Federated States of
Bhutan Mongolia
Burma (Myanmar)


Cambodia Nepal
China Niue
Comoros New Zealand
Brunei Palau, Republic of
Cook Islands Papua New Guinea
Fiji Philippines
New Caledonia/French Polynesia (France) Russia
India Samoa
Indonesia Singapore
Japan Solomon Islands
Kiribati Sri Lanka
Korea, Republic of Taiwan
Korea, North Thailand
Laos Tonga
Madagascar Tuvalu
Malaysia Vanuatu
Maldives Vietnam
Marshall Islands, Republic of



L-shaped buildings are barracks. Red roofed buildings are logistics / support offices and warehousing. Square buildings are administrative offices and classrooms. HQ is small building westmost in compound. -- Anonymous