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27 June 2006

Soreq Nuclear Research Center website:


Soreq Reactor Under Construction (Built 1958-1960)
Design by US Architect Philip Johnson

Soreq NRC is an applied research and development institute affiliated to the Israel Atomic Energy Commission.

Its principal facilities include a 5 MW research reactor, a 10 MeV proton cyclotron accelerator, sophisticated laboratories for applied research and development, as well as fully-equipped mechanical and electronic workshops.

Since its inception in 1958, Soreq has excelled in the introduction and incorporation of radiation based techniques into the infrastructure of Israel. The areas covered range from equipment for nuclear medicine and radio-pharmaceutics to non-destructive testing and development of sophisticated methods for detecting contraband and security-threat materials.

Soreq also offers radiation protection training, consulting and supervision and operates a personal dosimetry service.

Already in the 70's Soreq branched out of the nuclear field into areas as diverse as:

Laser physics and technology

Non-linear optics

Lidar based remote sensing of atmospheric and meteorological parameters

Interactions of high power lasers with matter

Nuclear, ultrasound and optical techniques in non-destructive testing

Simulating the space environment encountered at a variety of earth orbits and monitoring the quality of materials and electronic components deployed in satellites

Development and production of cryogenic vacuum enclosures for infra-red detectors

Operating a "nuclear pharmacy" for unit dose production and distribution

Production of FDG (radio-pharmaceutical for PET-scanning medical diagnostics)

Electro-thermal techniques for acceleration of projectiles into the hypervelocity range

Magnetic and Electro-magnetic sensing technologies

The Center for Peace, Science and Technology, adjacent to Soreq NRC and dedicated to the memory of the late Shalhevet Freier, is designed to expand the scope of Israel's scientific and technological activities in support of peacemaking in the Middle East. It participates in the monitoring of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) by operating the Israeli National Data Center (NDC).

Soreq Nuclear Research Center

Golda Meir at the Soreq NRC

Soreq nuclear reactor center near the central Israeli town of
Yavne, July 5, 2004.
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