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Natsios Young Architects

21 May 2002

This unidentified facility may be a CIA station among the many intelligence and military communications stations in the Miami vicinity.

John Pike/FAS wrote in 1998 of the CIA in Miami (though this facility is not specifically identified), following information by Kenneth Stahl, a former CIA officer:

Miami Station - CIA

Although the CIA station in Miami [AMCA] is today but a pale shadow of its Cold War zenith, CIA retains an active presence in Miami. AMCA includes the CIA Office of Communications OC/MIAMI facility, which as of January of 1986 employed some fifteen people. In addition, the OC regional Miami facility is a regional management facility, located several hundred yards from AMCA away in another building, oversees OC/MIAMI as well as all of the SPARS communications link facilities throughout Latin America.

This location is known as Atlantic Relay Facility I (ARF1) within the SIO structure, and is also known as OC/MIAMI within the CIA [and as BYJURY], and is identified as RRF Miami in the cover USARCA/NCS system. This station is part of the Continuity of Government program, which was originally designated as NEISO and was later changed to NEISS and still later the designator became SIO. This project, which was known by the identifiers CHALLIS (CH), Festive (FS), Fedder (FD, FD-C), Fencer (FN) and Zeus was ostensibly organized as a means of ensuring the survivability of the intelligence community and has several domestic field locations in the US. Telecommunications activities which were conducted in support of Challis operations include not only normal relay activities, but we also had an uplink to the Pegasus satellite (this project was also called Alice in sanitized channels). The CPIC/East site which is also known as an element of the US Army Seventh Signal Corps which is located on the same compound as OC/Miami. This was a facility is primarily designed to be a mobile facility and all of the telecommunications and other equipment was mounted in a series of trailers which could be mobilized on short notice.

Additional associated facilities include the Bend (CPIC/West), Oregon facility and at least some activities at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Additionally, the Challis project has overseas locations in Bangkok (BYJINC), Nairobi, New Delhi, Pago Pago (PRF II), Hawaii (PRF I) Brasilia, and Kinshasa and there are other facilities which was are located on Andros Island and on Bermuda (ARF II).