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23 November 2007

Nuclear workers website on Turkey Point (sleeping Wackenhut guards, vandalism, waste, leaks, sewage):

Turkey Point security:

About security

What kind of security is in place to protect the plant? FPL has always had a comprehensive security program at its nuclear power plants, and extensive measures are in place to ensure the security of our facility. Our security plan is very detailed in how our security force is organized and what actions would be taken to protect the plant. Although we are not allowed to discuss the specifics of our plan, our comprehensive security measures at Turkey Point are designed to protect public health and safety.

Does FPL communicate with other law enforcement agencies? FPL nuclear security programs and personnel are part of a larger local and national security network and are tested routinely to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers and the communities in which our plants operate. Plant security personnel coordinate with local law enforcement agencies, which also participate in onsite security exercises. We also keep in close communication with the FBI, Coast Guard and other government agencies relating to security.

How do you test your security program? Each of our nuclear power plants conducts tactical security drills periodically, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission evaluates these drills. Drills are quite rigorous, and FPL has successfully completed each drill.

What physical barriers and emergency equipment protect the Turkey Point nuclear reactors? The Turkey Point nuclear reactors are housed in massive steel-reinforced concrete reactor containment buildings that are designed to withstand earthquakes, floods and extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

The reactor vessel itself is made of solid steel and is housed within the containment building. Additionally, the uranium fuel pellets inside the reactor are all encased in zircaloy, an extremely strong metal alloy. Redundant safety shutdown systems are also available to respond in the event of an emergency.

The Electric Power Research Institute, an independent, non-profit energy research group, also recently analyzed aircraft impacts on nuclear plant structures that house reactor fuel. The study results determined that the structures would not be breached, the fuel would be protected and there would be no radiation release. In addition to the containment building, other protective barriers include concrete shields within the building and the 5- to 9-inch-thick steel reactor vessel.

Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant


More recent image from Local Live showing gas generating plant at center top. Two fossil fuel generating plants (see smokestacks)
are located adjacent to the two nuclear generators.

Looking North
Shows gas generating plant under construction at center top.

Looking North

Looking South

Looking South

No east and west birdseyes available.