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Natsios Young Architects

7 May 2002. B writes:

Two Rock Ranch hasn't been in the SIGINT business for a long time. ASA closed the station in 1971:

The Coast Guard took it over and renamed it Training Center Petaluma:

MapQuest's map is about 30 years out of date!

Cryptome notes that Vint Hill Farms Station was closed in 1997 and is now under development as a corporate office complex:

However, Vint Hill is still listed by the Defense Logistics Agency as an Army command:
(b) CDR, USA Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM), ATTN: AMSEL-LC-MMD-DT Ft. Monmouth NJ 07703-5000, DSN 992-1996 (Ft. Monmouth and Vint Hill Farm Station under this Command)

Strange that James Bamford did not know of the Army leaving Two Rock Ranch in 1971 at the time The Puzzle Palace was published in 1982. There are instances of intelligence stations going under cover after being overly publicized, usually by way of announcements of their being shut or disbanded, even continuing operations at the same location under cover of a new owner or use. However, aerial photos below of Two Rock Ranch do not show the customary antennas of a communications station.

4 May 2002

James Bamford writes in The Puzzle Palace (Penguin, 1982, paper):

For forty years Vint Hill Farms [in Virginia] and its sister station on the opposite coast, Two Rock Ranch, north of San Francisco, have been the Army Security Agency's principal intercept stations in the continental United States. (p. 213.)

Finally, there is  COMSAT's fourth earth station, at Jamesburg, California, a tiny village on the edge of Monterey's Los Padres National Forest in central California. A possible location for an NSA tap is the Army Security Agency intercept station at Two Rock Ranch, 130 miles to the north. (p. 225.)


Vint Hill Farm Station

Proposed Vint Hill economic development plan. Part of the curving
avenue under construction can be seen in the photo above. To its right
appears to be the FAA building under construction.