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26 May 2004. Thanks to A. for news report today on the facility:

25 May 2004. Thanks to Anonymous for the "secret" location.

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The New York Times, May 25, 2004

The center, a $4 million expansion of the Upstate New York Regional Intelligence Center, is a joint effort by New York State officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to place more specific counterterrorism information in the hands of local law enforcement officers.

The center, whose exact location is a secret ...

Upstate New York Regional Intelligence Center
630 Columbia Street
Latham, NY 12110
Voice (518) 786-2100
Fax (518) 786-9398

Bulletin: Criminal Intelligence # 04-03

DATE: January 6, 2004

Albany Times Union, 3 February 2003:


Colonie High-tech effort will paint the big picture of illegal operations

BRENDAN LYONS Staff writer


In a former tobacco warehouse five miles north of the Capitol, the state is quietly building its newest weapon in the war on crime and terror.

This spring, the steel building nestled between a health club and a car dealership on Route 9R will become New York's first Regional Intelligence Center, a high-tech headquarters where analysts using computers will identify patterns in crimes across the state and help break apart all manner of illegal activity, including burglary rings and suspected terrorist networks. ...

Some police leaders have quietly questioned New York's multimillion-dollar investment in establishing agencies and jobs that they believe duplicate efforts already handled by federal agencies. Still, James Kallstrom, who is Pataki's chief counterterrorism adviser, has repeatedly said that New York cannot rely on the federal government to protect it from terrorism and other crimes.

The intelligence center project in Latham has been in the works for years, though officials have been reluctant to discuss it publicly. But in his first comments about the center, McMahon said it's a way to tap into information gleaned from the state's 70,000 police officers.

With the refurbishing of the former warehouse continuing, officials said the new center was going to open last September. Now, the target is late spring, McMahon said.

State Police already have a crime analysis unit at their headquarters in Albany, but the unit will move to Latham, McMahon said.

Gov. George Pataki's 2003-04 proposed budget includes $130 million for the facility and other public security efforts, such as computer crime enforcement.

Law enforcement officials said authorities also are examining whether the intelligence center facility and its program can be paid for with money seized in State Police criminal investigations.

Keith DeVincentis, special-agent-in-charge of the Albany FBI field office, said he intends to assign at least one agent to the center on a full-time basis, extending an effort already under way to work more effectively with state and local authorities.

May 19, 2003

Additionally, New York State is developing the Upstate New York Regional Intelligence Center (UNYRIC), based in Latham, New York, to facilitate the collection, analysis, and dissemination of criminal intelligence, including drug intelligence, in upstate areas. The DEA will be actively participating in the UNYRIC when it becomes fully operational later this year. This task force will provide unprecedented levels of cooperation and exchange of information on northern border investigative initiatives.

October, 2003

New York Establishes Upstate Regional Intelligence Center

Located in a purpose-built facility near Albany...

The UNYRIC moved into its new facilities in August and is now operational...

Upstate New York Regional Intelligence Center

Photo date: 1 May 2003