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28 January 2004. One of the Eyeball series.
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This is named the James J. Rowley Training Center.

Description and ground-level photos by Global


The US Secret Service personnel receive basic training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). More advanced training is conducted at the James J. Rowley Training Center in Laurel MD. Both the Secret Service uniformed branch [which guards the White House] and the special agents who accompany the President and other VIPs train at the Rowley facility. Training activities include driving, weapons and tactics, close protection drills, and water safety. The Water Safety Program courses include basic water survival, rescue swimming, diving, aircraft safety and evacuation, helicopter emergency egress, emergency medicine, and river rescue for specialized security personnel. The Center also offers VIP security training for law enforcement agencies that need this capability.

Note the stageset town, helicopter and aircraft front fuselage for security training. Three bunkers at the far right are similar to bomb and munitions bunkers elswhere. Plenty of the ubiquitous black vans often seen in convoys of mighty wind blowers, rear-facing sharpshooters traversing the gawkers with laser wands.

Located across Highway 295 is the CIA/NSA Special Collection Service:

Big Eyeballing
US Secret Service Training Facility

USGS Coordinates of Photograph
Southwest (Bottom Left) Corner Northeast (Top Right) Corner
39.031844 N, 76.838777 W 39.043144 N, 76.838777 W