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19 June 2002
Source of maps and photos: (color) and TerraServer USGS 8 Mar 1997 (monochrome).

Whiteman Air Force Base:

From the report Taking Stock: Worldwide Nuclear Deployments 1998, by William M. Arkin, Robert S. Norris and Joshua Handler, published in March 1998 by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Rank: No. 7

Nuclear Warheads: 550


MISSOURI ranks 7th (tie) in number of nuclear weapons deployed, a rise from 21st since 1992. Whiteman AFB, west of Jefferson City is home to the new B-2 “Spirit” bombers of the 509th Bomb Wing of the Air Force Air Combat Command. The 150 Minuteman II ICBMs previously deployed around Whiteman have been retired.

Nuclear weapons stored at Whiteman AFB include 200 B61-7 bombs, 50 new B61-11 “earth penetrator” bombs, and 300 high-yield B83 bombs. As the primary nuclear penetrating bomber, the B-2 does not carry any air-launched cruise missiles.

The 509th Wing returned to operational status on 1 April 1993, the initial cadre coming from Detachment 509, 351st Missile Wing, which was inactivated. On December 17, 1993, the wing’s first B-2 arrived at Whiteman. It was dubbed the Spirit of Missouri. During 1994, four additional bombers arrived at Whiteman (17 and 31 August, 29 October, 30 December), and the first bomber was extensively tested to practice nuclear bomb loading.

The 509th (and the subordinate 509th Security Police Squadron) was awarded excellent and outstanding ratings in the 1994 NSI and the Wing received a USAF Nuclear Surety Plaque “for demonstrating outstanding capability to support a nuclear airlift mission.”

Three more planes were added in 1995 (17 February, 28 June, and 14 November) and the first B-2 returned to Northrop Grumman’s Palmdale, CA assembly plant to undergo upgrading to Block 30 status. In 1996, the ninth through 13th bombers arrived (11 and 24 January, 16 May, 3 July, and 17 December). On January 1, 1996, the Air Force announced that the B-2 fleet was operational for use in a conventional bombing role. From June 10-17, 1996, a Quality Air Force Assessment (QAFA) was conducted at Whiteman.

Preparations for permanent nuclear certification of the B-2 Wing at Whiteman began in August 1993 with an Air Combat Command Nuclear Staff Assistance Visit (NSAV). These were continued in March 1995, September 1995, January 1996, and September 1996. Between January 21-27, 1997, the first wing Nuclear Surety Inspection was held. After nuclear certification, on 19 February, the wing conducted its first nuclear war “generation” exercise to practice rapid take-off of aircraft in response to an alert order. The B-2s were added to the nuclear war plans.


Whiteman WSA Coordinates:

38N 43' 36", 93W 32' 18"

4,286,600.0, 453,200.0

B-2 stealth bomber at upper left.