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10 July 2004

Except as noted, source of photos (taken in 1992 when George H. W. Bush was President): Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)/Historic American Engineering Record (HAER)

Library of Congress offers detailed floor plans of the White House Ground and First Floor plans but not plans of the Second and Third Floors which are the private Presidential Residence. The diagrammatic Second Floor Plan below is based on the photographs and First Floor Plan. Room titles and numbers are based on source photo captions. Drawing by Cryptome.

White House Presidential Residence

Northeast view.

Southeast View.

Northwest View.

Grand Stair 113 from First Floor to Second Floor, Looking North (left), Looking South (middle), Looking North from the Seconf Floor Central Hall (right).

Central Hall 228, Looking Northwest (top), Looking Southeast (bottom).

East Sitting Room 225, Looking Southwest (top), Looking North (bottom).

West Sitting Room 229, Looking Northwest (top), Looking Southeast (bottom).

Mrs. Laura Bush and Mrs. Michelle Obama sit in the private residence
[West Sitting Room] of the White House Monday, Nov. 10, 2008,
after the President-elect and Mrs. Obama arrived for a visit. White
House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian


Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter host a dinner for members of the White
House press corp., 07/26/1978. Source


Amy Carter, James E. Carter, Jimmy Carter, Speaker of the House of Representatives
Tip O'Neill and Caron Carter have lunch at the White House., 06/01/1977. Source


Photograph of First Lady Betty Ford Looking Out a Window,
on the Second Floor of the White House, Towards the Oval
Office, 01/20/1975. Source

Drawing Room 221, Looking Northwest (top), Looking Southeast (bottom).

Drawing Room 221, Looking North (top), Looking South (bottom).

Treaty Room 222, Looking Northeast (top), Looking Southwest (bottom).

Lincoln Bedroom 223, Looking Northeast (top), Looking Southwest (bottom).

Lincoln Sitting Room 224, Looking Northeast (top), Looking Southwest (bottom).

Lincoln Bathroom 224B, Looking Northwest.

Queen's Sitting Room 211, Looking Northeast (top), Looking Southwest (bottom).

Queen's Bathroom 211B, Looking North (left), Looking Southeast (right).

Queen's Bedroom 212, Looking Northwest (top), Looking Southeast (bottom).

Bedroom 213, Looking Northwest (top), Looking Southeast (bottom).

Bedroom 214, Looking Northeast (top), Looking Southwest (bottom).

Dining Room 216, Looking Northeast (top), Looking Southwest (bottom).

Kitchen 217, Looking Northwest (top), Looking Southeast (bottom).

Dressing Room 218, Looking Northeast (top), Looking Southwest (bottom).

Bedroom 219, Looking Southeast (top), Looking East (bottom).

Sitting Room 220, Looking Northwest (top), Looking South (bottom).

Corridor 232, Looking North into Closet 233 (left), Looking South (right).

Elevator Foyer 234, Looking North (top), Looking Southeast (bottom).

Following are Third Floor photos.

Corridor 334, Looking Northwest (top), Looking Southeast (bottom).

Game Room 323, Looking Southwest (top), Looking Northeast (bottom).
Note Bush family photos.

Sitting Room 330, Looking Southeast, Stairs to Roof Terrace.