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Natsios Young Architects

10 May 2002

Source: Color images from; black and white images from TerraServer by USGS 1 June 1998.

See also the Yucca Mountain Project:

Maps of the project have been removed from the YMP site:


OCRWM recently removed technical information and documents from its Internet site. This decision reflected an awareness of the need to protect the public following the September 11th terrorist attacks and the need to inform the public through an open process. Although the information was not accessible on the Internet, it remained available to the public upon request. We are working diligently to incrementally repost information on the Internet. If specific documents in which you are interested are not yet re-posted, call our toll-free information line at 1-(800) 225-6972 for information on receiving them.


This is the highest resolution available on MapQuest.

16 meter resolution.

8 meter resolution.

2 meter resolution.

1 meter resolution.
Entrance to nuclear waste repository at left center.