2 July 2002
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[Federal Register: July 2, 2002 (Volume 67, Number 127)]
[Page 44496-44497]
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Federal Aviation Administration

[Docket No. FAA-2001-11032]

Funding for Mandated Security Modifications to Flightcrew 
Compartment Doors

AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.

ACTION: Announcement of funding.


SUMMARY: This document announces changes to a program that allows 
partial reimbursement to passenger and cargo carrying operators for 
costs incurred following the events of September 11. Specifically, the 
reimbursement is for costs incurred by those operators required to 
comply with mandated security requirements for the flightcrew 
compartment doors. The program allow operators to choose how to use the 
funds to meet the modification requirements.

ADDRESSES: You may apply using the simplified application form found at 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Dave Rich, Technical Programs and 
Continued Airworthiness Branch, Aircraft Certification Service, Federal 
Aviation Administration, 800

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Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20591; telephone: (202) 267-
7141; fax: 202-267-5340; e-mail address: 9-awa-avr-design@faa.gov.



    Shortly after the September 11 events, the FAA announced the 
establishment of the Enhanced Airplane Security Program for airplanes 
with operating certificates issued under part 119 that conduct 
operations under part 121 as passenger carrying operations in common 
carriage (http://www2.airweb.faa.gov/airplane--security/announce.htm). 
The objective of the program is to enhance safety by improving 
flightdeck security on airplanes meeting the criteria as recommended by 
the Secretary of Transportation's Rapid Response Team on Aircraft 
Security. The program specifically authorizes the funds for security 
enhancements to the flightcrew compartment door, as well as transponder 
modifications and video cameras in the cabin.
    The program required that all participants report their progress 
against a set of goals, identifying modifications by airplane types, 
the date when modified airplanes are returned to service, and the 
actual cost of work on a per aircraft basis, including labor and 
materials. Participants are required to maintain for 3 years accounting 
and financial records reflecting all project costs with supporting 
documents and records that will be sufficient for financial audit.
    To ensure the funding is appropriately used, the FAA announced that 
funding would be dependent on the level of modification, i.e., from 
level 1-simple modification to level 5-installation of new doors, and 
that funding would be distributed as follows: 30% when the design is 
authorized, 40% after completion of the first airplane installation, 
and the final 30% after the modifications are installed in the last 

Related Activity

    In the 7 months since the initial funding announcement, the FAA 
mandated short-term security enhancements to the flighdeck compartment 
door in SFAR 92-3 (67 FR 2112, January 15, 2002) and retrofit 
installation of reinforced doors in Amendments 25-106 and 121-288 (67 
FR 2118). The retrofit requires that the reinforced doors be installed 
by April 9, 2003. These rules eliminated the need to distinguish 
between the level 1 through level 5 modifications described above. 
These levels are no longer a part of the program.
    In its economic evaluation of the door retrofit requirement, the 
FAA estimated that the direct cost of the reinforced door alone would 
be at least $17,000 per aircraft. The SFAR 92-3 enhancements are 
believed to have cost operators several thousand dollars more per 
aircraft. Congress appropriated $100 million to assist the operators in 
making the modifications. Based on that amount, the FAA has decided to 
reimburse $13,200 of cost for each of the 7,000 affected aircraft. If 
funding remains available or becomes available, the FAA may increase 
the amount of the reimbursement. Because the expenditures will exceed 
the funds available per aircraft, the FAA has decided that this change 
in its funding strategy is necessary.
    For operators that have already submitted an application and 
received notification from the FAA, nothing else is required. The FAA 
will contact you if further information is needed. Operators that have 
not yet applied for reimbursement may apply using the simplified 
applications form located at: http://www2.airweb.faa.gov/airplane--
    Prior to receiving funding, each operator will have to commit to 
spending the entire reimbursed amount on the mandated door 
modifications. Operators will also be required to substantiate the 
actual level of expenditures per airplane made under this program.

    Issued in Washington, DC, on June 26, 2002.
John J. Hickey,
Director, Aircraft Certification Service.
[FR Doc. 02-16499 Filed 7-1-02; 8:45 am]