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9 February 2006. A. reports that SA John Iannuzzi is in FBI Counterintelligence which liaisons with the CIA and foreign intelligence agencies. Counterintelligence is parallel to the Criminal Division and its operations are kept separate from criminal investigations. SA Matthew Bertron has numerous listings on Google as spokesperson for  NY FBI.

9 February 2006

Previous FBI visit to Cryptome:

8 February 2006

FBI Special Agent Matthew J. Bertron, 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY 10278, left his card today, 8 February,
3 PM, while we were out, with a request to call his number, 718-286-7154, or the main number 212-384-1000.
We called, he was out, he returned our call about 6 PM to ask to meet here at 10 AM tomorrow, 9 February. No
reason given.

9 February 2006

FBI Special Agents Matthew J. Bertron and John Iannuzzi of the Criminal Division of the FBI New York office visited Cryptome today.

The agents said the British Government had asked FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., to seek information on the source of lists of MI6 officers published by Cryptome:

1. (13 May 1999)

2. (21 August 2005)

3. (27 August 2005)

4. (28 August 2005)

We pointed out the files themselves provide information on the list origins -- list 1 from the Web; lists 2 and 3 from anonymous sources; and list 4 compiled by Cryptome from the other three. An agent asked if we would provide emails of the anonymous sources of 2 and 3. We said no, they were destroyed immediately. He asked if we would tell if we knew the sources. We said no.

We asked about the procedure for HMG to request help in the US. For information like that sought with this visit, a request is made to FBI HQ, then passed to the FBI NY office. Such actions are taken as a courtesy to foreign governments unless crime is involved. If a crime is involved then US Attorneys handle the requests.

The agents said that the FBI had no basis for an investigation of Cryptome, that nothing about the site is illegal in the US.

Both agents showed credentials. They acknowledged credentials can be spoofed. They asked for a birth date and SS number, to "verify the interview took place." The agents were courteous, were dressed casually, and thanked us for our time. Took less than half an hour.

The meeting took place in our building public lobby, passersby welcome to hear and peer.

We said we'd publish a report of visit and name them. Both said they rather we didn't name them. We asked to take their photographs for publication. They said no.