2 April 2006

News reports on the UK Foreign Office documents below (most previously published with the reports):

Observer, August 28, 2005


Observer, September 4, 2005


New Statesman, December 5, 2005


And related New Stateman stories on renditions, December 30, 2005:


And the Muslim Brotherhood, February 20, 2006:


1. Three HMG e-mails, "Confidential: Engaging with Islam: Observer Leaks," 7, 8 and 9 September 2005, 4 pages.

http://cryptome.org/fco-emails.pdf (856KB)

2. Restricted Memorandum, "Shaykh Yusuf al Qaradawi," from Mockbul Ali to John Sawers, 14 July 2005, 4 pages.

http://cryptome.org/fco-ali.pdf (353KB)

3. Letter, "Working with the Muslim Community," from Sir Michael Jay, Permanent Undersecretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to Sir Andrew Turnbull, KCB, CVO, Cabinet Office, 18 May 2004, 4 pages.

http://cryptome.org/fco-jay.pdf (redacted and unredacted versions) (665KB)

4. Two slides of a Restricted presentation, "Working with the Muslim Community: Key messages," Strategic Policy Team, Home Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, July 2004, 2 pages.

http://cryptome.org/fco-spt.pdf (242KB)

5. Confidential Letter, "Hearts and Minds and Muslims," from William Ehrman, Director-General (Defence & Intelligence), FCO, to Sir David Omand, Security & Intelligence Co-ordinator and Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office, 23 April 2004, 2 pages.

http://cryptome.org/fco-ehrman.pdf (681KB)

The 5 documents in a Zipped file:

http://cryptome.org/fco-muslims.zip (2.6MB)