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26 March 2004

Sam Rosenfeld's letter to the Queen:

The March 25 hearing is the first in Rosenfeld v. MoD held in open court; others have been held in secret. Rosenfeld has been served with five injunctions prohibiting his telling the press about what he knows or what is in court claims he has made:

25 March 2004
4:46pm (UK)

Suspended Jail Term for IRA Spy

By Jan Colley, PA News

A 28-day suspended prison sentence was imposed by the High Court today on a former spy who infiltrated the IRA.

Sam Rosenfeld, 42, won the trust of the Provisionals during a three-year undercover operation and alleges he has information on security force collaboration with terrorist killers.

Defence chiefs are seeking an injunction to stop him disclosing details about his time with the covert Force Research Unit.

Today, Wendy Outhwaite, counsel for Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, told Mr Justice Newman in London that Mr Rosenfeld was in contempt of court in that he had breached orders imposed by two other judges.

One, made in December 2002, related to the publication of two letters – one of which was to the Queen – on the Internet.

The other, made a year later, concerned his failure to deliver up confidential documents or serve a witness statement.

Mr Justice Newman said the hearing today could go ahead, even though Mr Rosenfeld is in America and was not represented, because he knew it was taking place, its nature and purpose and his non-attendance was deliberate.

He said that he was satisfied that the contempts were made out but, in all the circumstances, it seemed sensible that Mr Rosenfeld should be given the opportunity to reflect on today’s judgment.

He ordered that Mr Rosenfeld should be jailed for 28 days if he did not comply within four months.

Belfast Telegraph, 24 March 2004

Ex-army agent seeks asylum in US

By Alan Erwin

An Army agent facing jail for claiming soldiers plotted with terrorist murderers is seeking political asylum in the US.

Sam Rosenfeld (42) fled to America in a bid to escape imprisonment after writing to the Queen about alleged security force collusion with killers.

The English-born builder, who spent three years spying on the IRA for the Army's ultra-secretive Force Research Unit, may now go public with allegations about Northern Ireland's 'Dirty War'.

Mr Rosenfeld has waged a bitter legal battle with Ministry of Defence chiefs who are attempting to silence him over claims he was abandoned by intelligence officers.

In December, he emerged from hiding to serve a summons at the home of west Belfast man Freddie Scappaticci, who denies being the top agent inside the IRA, codenamed Stake- knife.

In a surprise new twist, he has lodged an asylum application with the US Department of Justice.

Although it could take more than a year for his bid to be processed, the former spy left London today for New York.