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20 November 2002. Thanks to a member of the Press Association who has long investigated the UK's Force Research Unit (FRU) which overses covert operations in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Hugh Kernohan is head of the UK Special Forces in the Ministry of Defence.


Press Release (Copy)

Fax: 020 210 34[illegible]
Treasury Solicitor

19 November 2003

Dear D[redaction]

I refer to your client's continued acts of persecution against myself. I advise that I am gravely concerned for my safety, security and welfare, considering that you client has named and photographically identified me to armed (security teams).

Your client (MoD) has actively engaged in collusion with terrorist forces - after a 14-year investigation conducted by Sir John Stevens, Commissioner of Metropolitan Police - persons from within the Intelligence Corps were recommended for prosecution for their covert activities and collusion with terrorists in the murder of innocent civilians - to date no punitive action has been taken against those who directed a state-sponsored campaign of terror - some of these individuals remain in office and I fear for my life.

Clearly the British government is attempting to legitimise state execution of those it deems undersirable or outspoken - I for one will not allow myself to be a target for the (MoD) either through direct action or with the assistance of other state agencies or terrorist groups.

Your client was asked to provide an explanation and to remove its standing instructions, in respect of the steps taken which have included identifying me to armed units of the military.

On 07th of November 03 H[redacted] K[redacted - probably Hugh Kernohan] (sec. HSF) made abundantly clear that the matter is "not open for debate" - which clearly signifies your client's intentions to cause me harm or possibly suffer the loss of life.

As for your client's continued use of judicial harassment which is clearly politically motivated, designed to intimidate and harass me whilst denying me the protection of art.2/6 - is of further cause for concern.

As such I caution and warn your client (MoD) regarding the consequences of its campaign of persecution and judicial harassment - unless this persecution and harassment stops - I will be left with no other option but to seek political asylum in a safe country where I will be protected from further persecution, harm or loss of life at the hands of the Government (MoD) or their agents.

I have noted your continued violation of my human rights and your client's blatant abuse of power which has included abuse of the judicial system, to prevent investigation (journalist) of the crimes committed by the state and its continued denial of my right of access to justice and the truth involving the events of June 1992 and 1993.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Rosenfeld

[Address redacted]