25 June 2004

A. writes 25 June 2004:

The Garda exposed by Cryptome as one of those who murdered John Carthy during the Abbeylara siege began yesterday giving evidence to the Barr Tribunal set up to investigate the murder by the Gardai. Garda Michael Jackson has been accused of "appalling arrogance" and an inability to admit wrongdoing by Michael o Higgins, lawyer for the Carthy family. O Higgins also accused Garda Jackson of persistently giving "total non answers"  and deliberately dodging questions. Garda Jackson leaves the tribunal early today because he is part of the ERU security team around George Bush when he visits Ireland tonight.


Ireland at present is hosting the EU presidency from January til the end of this june, last year the Dept of Justice passed a budget of 12.5 million euros to the Gardai for policing.

This is their shopping list for policing the presidency according to Garda publications:

23 vans to be equipped for public order units
250 radios and 500 batteries
One explosive detector to be rented from outside the state
One xray machine already owned another to be rented from outside state
12 mirrors for under car booby traps
One water cannon vehicle rented from police in Northern Ireland

All EU ministers cars supplied free of charge by AUDI Ireland, all bomb proofed at a cost of 120,000 euros.

With such a vast array of sophistication wouldnt you feel very safe in the hands of the Gardai.......


Bush flies into Shannon Warport to attend the EC-US summit at Dromoland Castle.