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26 June 2009


cdc-flu-fuzz2.htm     CDC Fuzzes H1N1 Pandemic Reports 2               June 20, 2009
cdc-flu-fuzz.htm      CDC Fuzzes H1N1 Pandemic Reports                 June 18, 2009

James Atkinson ( writes:

27,127 Confirmed Cases, over 126 confirmed deaths, 50% increase over last week on deaths... It looks almost like it is starting to get deadlier, and it may have mutated in the past two weeks.

Several states that did not report any number last week as expected provided huge numberers for the past week, that were way out-of-the-park even more then they would have public over two weeks ago.

Average of 895 new cases per day, and trending upwards

Notice how everything is strongly trending upwards.... way upwards.

The CDC announced that the number of people infected is way, way up this week (see attached charts).

They have now added a disclaimer to their web site that now says that the numbers the CDC is providing could be inaccurate because some of the states have missed the cut-off date or times for submitting their numbers.

The most interesting trend is to see the increase in the average number of people per day are being confirmed as infected, and the ever increasing upward trends. All the while the CDC is issuing press releases where they falsely claim that the infections are tapering off and that the spread of the infection is slowing down (but their own numbers show they are lying).

This results is significant fuzzing up of the the CDC H1N1 numbers and makes them inaccurate.





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